We’ve worked hard this year on one of our biggest campaigns yet: reforming the Portland City Charter. We joined this campaign because we recognized this was a once-in-a-decade opportunity to make some ground-shaking changes in our city. But beyond that, we saw this as an opportunity to show up with our partners and communities, and to build grassroots power for the years ahead.

Building a strong, grassroots movement has already paid off. We worked with the Portland United for Change coalition to win the first round of City Charter reforms, helping empower 58% of Portlanders to vote yes on Measure 26-228With this win, we’re on track to create the representative, efficient system of government we all deserve. We couldn’t have done this without working in coalition  with civic groups, labor unions, political scientists, small businesses, and communities from all walks of life  to build a brighter future for our city.

As 350PDX’s Coalition Manager, I have seen the power of working within a movement of movements and expanding our view of what climate justice work can be. Building a City government that’s more responsive and accountable to community needs is a critical strategy for climate resilience. So is building relationships with people from many walks of life who are working towards the same goal. I believe that one of 350PDX’s greatest strengths is how much we stay committed to showing up with our partners and building the grassroots movement.

Can you support our movement building and coalition work by making a donation today? We’ve made massive strides in reforming the City Charter, but we need to keep up momentum in 2023 to win a just, resilient future for Portland. Go to 350pdx.org/donate to make a donation before Dec 31st.

In these final weeks of the campaign, we have the chance to lock in climate justice action for years to come. Through the next round of Charter reforms, the City could make an explicit commitment to phasing out fossil fuels, create a climate impact assessment for City decisions, and more.

I believe we can win sweeping climate action through City Charter reforms, but our work won’t end there. We’ll need to keep fighting in the new year to hold the City accountable to climate priorities, and to ensure frontline communities get the representation and governance they deserve. Help us raise $100,000 by Dec 31st to fuel our climate justice campaigns in 2023! Whether you can chip in $5, $50, or $500, we are deeply grateful for your support.

In gratitude,

Indi Namkoong, 350PDX Coalition Manager

P.S. Want to help get a fossil fuel phase-out and other key charter reforms across the finish line? Submit a public comment before Nov 28th! See our toolkit for full instructions here. We’re also looking ahead as the City begins its transition to a new form of government and electoral process (learn more here). We’ll need to stay vocal and vigilant to make sure the City fully enacts the changes in Measure 26-228 by Election Day 2024.