This week, ballots began to arrive in mailboxes across Oregon. Now the countdown begins. We all know how important this election is for our city, state, and country. It feels like every election, we find ourselves saying “this is a once-in-a-lifetime election!” That’s because… it is. With the climate crisis on our doorstep, we have to take advantage of every opportunity to elect officials and policy makers who will fight for our future.

That’s why 350PDX is encouraging you to Vote Climate! 

We’ve felt the heat waves and droughts. We’ve breathed in the wildfire smoke. We’ve seen the shrinking snowpacks, the overheated lakes, rivers, and streams. We are living through climate change right now, with the most vulnerable among us already suffering the worst impacts. We have the ability to cut greenhouse gas emissions, implement alternative energy solutions, and restructure our society to brave these impacts. What we’re lacking is leadership from our elected officials.

We must elect leaders at every level of government who will champion climate action, commit resources for just climate solutions, and ensure a thriving future for our communities. 

Join us in spreading the word! Use this toolkit created by our friends at the Divest Oregon campaign — it includes beautiful graphics and sample captions you can post on your social media pages to encourage even more people to vote climate alongside you.

Vote climate, and mail in or drop off your ballot at your closest ballot drop box before 8pm on Election Day (Tuesday, November 8). 

Let’s do this,

350PDX Staff & Community