Hey everyone,

It’s two weeks until the biggest Climate Strike in over two years! On Friday, May 20 we’ll be out in force taking to the streets and marching from City Hall to Revolution Hall, where there’ll be a festival lasting all afternoon and into the evening.

See info below on how you can help support the Climate Strike! Contact me, Chris, at chris@350pdx.org or by replying to this email if you can help with any of this. This is an all hands on deck moment!

Volunteer to help make the Climate Strike a success!

Getting the word out

Outreach volunteers
Let’s get a poster in every coffee shop, a stack of flyers in every library, information on every community noticeboard, and even a flyer on every doorstep within 10 blocks of Revolution Hall 
(note: it’s illegal to put things in people’s mailboxes, but OK to leave in door frames, under doormats, etc.)

Let me know if you’re down to help with this! You can print your own flyer/poster hereor pick them up from the 350PDX office (3625 N Mississippi Ave – although let chris@350pdx.org know first so he can make sure you know where to go).

On the day – May 20

Join the Fossil Fuel Resistance Team at the strike!
The 350PDX Fossil Fuel Resistance Team will be leading a fun action during the march to raise awareness about the dangers of gas and how NW Natural is a climate villain in our community. We’ll be handing out flyers, holding banners, and will have some folks in fun costumes too! Want to join? Reach out to dineen@350pdx.org to learn more!

Crowd Canvassers
May 20 will be the launch of our new Pledge of Action, an effort to get thousands of new people involved in the climate justice movement. We need volunteers who can canvass the crowd, asking folks to take the pledge, either from behind our table or out in the masses. I’ll give you the materials, training, and pep talks needed!

Art helpers
We need about 20-30 people for performing, holding giant puppets, and hauling signs etc. to the march and back again. The Arts Team is working hard to make some amazing pieces for the strike, but they need people to get them out in the streets! Contact Donna – murph1949@aol.com – if you can help.

Got tents and tables?
We’re looking for 10×10 tents and folding tables to borrow for the festival at Revolution Hall, approx 2-8pm. Lots of organizations and 350PDX teams will be there doing fun things, but we’re lacking tents and tables. Got any we can borrow for the day?

Climate Strike Details

In just over 2 weeks, we are going to #confrontclimatevillains and #endclimatechaos by:

  • Having elected officials sign a pledge to hold them accountable for making climate-friendly decisions and END CLIMATE CHAOS
  • CONFRONTING CLIMATE VILLAINS such as NW Natural and the Portland Business Alliance to let them know we see what they’re doing, and we don’t like it
  • Holding a festival with @portlandclimatefestival for people to GET INVOLVED in the climate movement and learn more about the upcoming season of actions

See the most updated info at the Portland Climate Strike Instagram here.

Climate Strike Timeline – May 20

Before 11 – Walk out of schools, workplaces, and homes, etc.

At 11 – Meet at City Hall
Present our demands, hold our elected ‘climate champion’ officials accountable

At 12 – Leave City Hall and march
Stop at NW Natural and Portland Business Alliance – Confront Climate Villains!

At 2 – Arrive at Revolution Hall
Join us for a Climate Festival and learn how to become active in the movement!

Festival goes until 8pm
So you can come by after work if you can’t strike!

In solidarity,

Chris Palmer, 350PDX Volunteer Manager