Volunteers are the heart and soul of 350PDX, spending countless hours fighting for climate justice here in Portland. They organize campaigns for forest defense, fossil fuel resistance, local climate action and more. From creating campaign art and messaging, to designing and leading actions, to recruiting and mobilizing folks in the movement — 350PDX volunteers really do it all.

As we near the end of 2022, we wanted to take a moment to voice our deepest gratitude for every 350PDX volunteer, and every member of our community. THANK YOU for all that you do for climate justice, in 350PDX and beyond. We also wanted to highlight a few of our volunteers and uplift the reasons why they choose to do this work. Read on to hear their stories!

Folks gather at our 350PDX Summer Volunteer Party this year. We are deeply grateful to everyone in the 350PDX and larger movement community. Thank you for all you do for climate justice!

A few 350PDX volunteers share why they’re in the fight for climate justice:

“I volunteer with the Forest Defense Team at 350PDX. I come to meetings, write stuff (letters, testimony, etc) when I can, and I helped plan and lead the Shade Equity bike ride this summer. 350PDX has been a really welcoming and easy-to-plug-into community. Volunteering here gives me hope. I can’t do a lot, especially during the school year (I’m a teacher), but I feel like I am able to tag in and tag out as I’m able. In work that can sometimes feel overwhelming and heartbreaking, it is good to know that we have each other’s back and are working together to make concrete steps toward positive change. I’m called to do climate work because I care about humans and other living things, and I want a livable world for my child to grow up in.”

— Emily Stebbins, 350PDX Volunteer

Folks gather for a 350PDX Action Night after the Shade Equity bike ride, which the Forest Defense Team organized.

“I appreciate volunteering with 350PDX because it’s filled with passionate, knowledgeable people who are excited and determined to do the work needed to advance climate justice work — whether that’s knocking doors, painting protest signs, sending postcards, or figuring out the wonky details of urban street tree policy. As the climate changes, this is the work that needs to be done to usher in a more equitable and resilient future. It won’t just happen, we need to make it happen, and I as I see it, 350PDX is putting all their effort into doing just that.”

—  Torie Baldwin, 350PDX Volunteer

This spring, 350PDX folks rallied to demand Campbell Global stop selling Oregon forests for corporate profit.

The Arts Team hosts monthly art builds to create puppets, signs, and more for climate justice actions

“350PDX has always been my favorite haven of climate activism for joining a team. I’ve repeatedly been trained up from scratch – whether that be Outreach or Art or a wide array of focuses, and found community and learned from talented and caring people. I’ve never considered myself a visual artist, but the mirth and energy of our team helps us all shine.”

— Ben Liu, 350PDX Volunteer

The Arts Team supported the Portland Youth Climate Strike this year by making signs, banners, and puppets

“I have been doing activism with 350PDX since 2019 on both the Arts Team and the Forest Defense Team. My understanding of the Climate Emergency and how we can respond grows broader and deeper each year and the work we’re doing as a community gives me sober, realistic hope for the future.”

— Heather Ikeler, 350PDX Volunteer

“I volunteer on the Forest Defense team because I felt so much grief when I would see the little, adorable birds outside my window, whom I loved so much, that I felt I had to do something to right the wrongs our species has done to all other living things in our shared home.”

—  Tyler Gilmore, 350PDX Volunteer

“350PDX is growing, they are organized and they are working on the real issues that will bring positive changes for our future – to Portland, our state and our amazing planet. How does 350PDX do this? They organize, they march, they knock on doors, they hold bike rides to bring awareness to the inequity of the tree canopy in our city. They testify before committees, they hold rallies, they educate, they train activists. They protect trees, they work to cut back fossil fuel use, they address injustices. In short, 350PDX is building community and taking actions around issues of the climate crisis.

Of course, they need money to do all this good work. If you are able to give any amount – large or small, it will be put to good use. We believe that climate and environmental issues are so critical and 350PDX is doing such good work to bring awareness and take action.”

— Mari Hahn, 350PDX Volunteer

The Fossil Fuel Resistance Team organized a rally during the 2022 Climate Strike & Festival calling out NW Natural for greenwashing “natural” gas

“Climate change is here and getting worse. Truly, there’s no greater threat to humanity, the planet, the local ecosystem, animals, our children and the future. At the same time, there are many other threats facing our community and nation. Absolutely there are. Which is why I appreciate how 350PDX seeks to operate at the intersection of social, racial and climate justice activism. 350PDX has a coherent vision on how to address climate chaos via challenging systems of oppression.

As far as HOW to get involved – it’s important to figure out what kind of volunteering feels good and right for YOU. I’ve helped out at art builds, which are fun and easy and anyone can do it. I’ve worked on the Zine Team, which utilizes my specific skill sets, as does work with the Story Strategy team. There are also teams that focus on specific issues, such as shade equity or fossil fuel resistance. If joining a team isn’t your jam, you can pick an ‘action item’ from the website and do a quickie task now and then, like writing a card or making a call. And, of course, there are action nights and rallies to attend. Simply showing up makes a difference.”

—  Miriam G, 350PDX Volunteer

In gratitude,

350PDX Staff & Community

See you in the new year!