Visualizing data for activism

The Tactical Technology Collective is creating great resources for data visualization in advocacy. These are great tools in the fight for climate justice and social justice.




Awhile back, 350PDX published an interactive map. It showed how our state representatives were voting on climate change.


Data visualization assisted our activism. It helped people see who their representative was, how to contact them, and how the representative had voted on climate change. For all those eager, artistic, and tech-savvy individuals out there, check out this very helpful e-book. It has a wealth of knowledge on data visualization for activism.

The book begins with a visualization (pictured above) of a slave ship, the Alexander, in 1789 and describes how the abolitionist movement used these kind of visuals to further their cause. Climate justice advocates can learn from the history of data visualization in the social justice sector to fight for change.

In the coming months, 350PDX hopes to be improving our monitoring, evaluation, and data visualization capacities. Please contact us if you’re interested in working on these kind of issues! We have a rudimentary action map here.