GTN XPress is TC Energy’s project to dramatically expand the capacity of a fracked gas pipeline in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. TC Energy is waiting on a key approval from FERC (the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) before they can move forward — and FERC will decide THIS THURSDAY (Oct 19). This is a pivotal moment where we need to make our voices loud and clear: we need FERC to say no to GTN XPress. 

Use this toolkit to tell FERC: say no to GTN XPress! Call them and send them an email by 7am THIS THURSDAY, Oct 19. We’ve found in the past that when hundreds of us call FERC at once, we can make a big impact!

More background on GTN XPress:

TC Energy (the company behind the Keystone Pipelines) is trying to expand their existing fracked gas pipeline — Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN) — as part of a project called GTN XPressThrough GTN XPress, TC Energy would build and expand on compressor stations along the pipeline route, allowing them to dramatically increase the amount of fracked gas that moves through the pipeline. The pipeline goes through Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, and has already caused deep harm to local communities, particularly Indigenous communities.

If approved, the GTN XPress expansion project would further threaten our health and safety, exacerbate the climate crisis, and expand the fracked gas industry. Fracking devastates the communities nearby, who are usually low-income, rural, and BIPOC communities who are already marginalized. This project would be continued colonization of Tribal lands and encourage expansion of the fracked gas industry, all while locking us into decades more of fossil fuel use at a time when we need to be making a just transition to renewable energy.

As people who want a renewable energy future free from the horrors of the fossil fuel industry, we need to come together and put a stop to GTN XPress.

Thank you,
Dineen O’Rourke, 350PDX Policy Manager