naomi“What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?” This is Naomi Klein’s question that she asks in her book This Changes Everything. This quote is the driving theme behind the film adaptation of the same name which had a sold-out showing at the Hollywood Theater in Portland on October 12th.

**Sorry that you missed it? Don’t worry because there’s an encore viewing next week! And even better, we have created a This Changes Everything Reading and Discussion group open to anyone who’s inspired! Please read more for details of both events!**

Directed by Avi Lewis, the film introduces viewers to people in climate sacrifice zones worldwide who are fighting-and often winning-against coal, oil, natural gas, and mining projects that are decimating communities as well as the climate.

However, their resistance doesn’t end when the fossil fuel projects are blocked; the fight continues in order to bring sustainable, economically just replacements in their place. Many well-told stories, with dramatic visuals (aerial scenes of the Alberta Tar Sands, depictions of cotton wad-thick smog in Beijing, and a young Northwest man being locked onto a mega-load truck that was bringing supplies to the Tar Sands) are exhibited that show us all what we’re up against and what we can do about it.

Many more great things can be said about this book/film duo and we encourage you to go see for yourself!

Encore Showing: October 20th at the Hollywood Theater at 7:30PM.

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