The Road through Paris: Week of Action December 6-12th


This December, as world leaders gather in Paris to discuss the fate of planet earth, grassroots leaders are taking action and showing that solutions will come from the ground up.

The formal Paris Climate Talks run from November 30th through December 12th. During this time, we’ll be posting info and updates from our comrades on the ground in Paris on our website.

Here in Portland, activists are planning a week of action from December 6th to December 12th to make the change we wish to see in the world. From stopping new fossil fuel projects, rampant logging, or the horrific Trans-Pacific Partnership to working with local leaders at the Mayor’s summit to marching for solutions, Portlanders are planning to once again lead the world with our stellar advocacy and actions.

We’ll be updating our website with a full calendar of events.

Then on December 12th as the Paris Climate Summit wraps up, activists around the world are taking to the streets. This mass global mobilization is meant to send a message to both world governments and everyone watching at home: a livable climate is a red line that we cannot compromise on or cross.

Join us in Portland on December 12th as we march across the Tilikum Crossing and call for just, grassroots solutions.

Because when governments won’t take the action needed, the people will.