Thanks to everyone who rallied for the forests!

Thanks to everyone who rallied for the forests! We showed up with the art and the energy, demanding Campbell Global stop selling Oregon forests for corporate profit. We called for:

? a just climate transition
? better forest management
? divestment from Wall Street Forestry

Oregon forests are critical allies for clean water and a healthy climate. But these benefits are lost when forests are managed solely for corporate profit. Campbell Global – an international timber investment company based in Portland – currently owns over 150,000 acres of Western Oregon forests, managing them as industrial timber plantations. Short-rotation clearcuts in timber plantations are a prime example of profit-based extraction that harms ecosystems and communities, damaging drinking water primarily in rural communities who are already being hit first and worst by the climate crisis. JP Morgan Chase recently acquired Campbell Global and is trying to sell us false messaging about industrial forest management. But we know the truth, and we refuse to let Wall Street sacrifice our forests for corporate profit.

The fight goes on! Join the movement to protect the forests. Learn more and take action at: