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This morning, the Red House on Mississippi was raided by the Portland Police Bureau. The house has been the site of a months-long protest against the eviction and displacement of the Afro-Indigenous family, the Kinneys, who have lived there for 22 years. This morning, riot cops fenced off the property, arrested two family members and over a dozen supporters, and damaged the house and the Kinney family’s belongings.

Red House has been a safe haven for the Portland protests since August, providing shelter, mutual aid, art, food and medical supplies, and community events for protestors and other community members in need. No one should be forced from their home, especially in a pandemic, in the harsh winter, on stolen land. This community shouldn’t lose yet another home and community space to gentrification.

We’re asking you to stand with the Red House and support their efforts to protect the space. Here’s how you can help:

  • If you’re able, grab your protective gear and head to the location at 4406 N Mississippi Avenue. Be aware that police are likely to return to Red House today and check out our tips for protesting safely.
  • Call your public officials and tell them to act now to stop the foreclosure and eviction at Red House and to drop charges against the arrested land defenders. You can reach them here:
    • Ted Wheeler: 503-823-4120
    • Kate Brown: 503-378-4582
    • Multnomah County Sheriff: 503-988-4300
    • Portland Housing Bureau: 503-823-2375
    • District Attorney Schmidt: 503-988-3162
  • Call the Oregon Historical Society. The Kinney family is asking folks to call the OHS and advocate for their house to receive demolition protections on the grounds of its significance. You can reach the Oregon Historical Society at (503) 222-1741 or
  • Contribute funds or supplies.
    • Follow @redhouseonmississippi on Instagram for updated news and supply needs. Food, medical supplies, and warm clothes are almost always welcome!).
    • You can contribute to the Kinney’s GoFundMe at, or donate directly on Cashapp ($MichaelKinney58) or Venmo (@Michael-Kinney-58).
    • You can donate to the bail fund supporting this morning’s arrestees on Venmo (@DefenseFundPDX) or Paypal (

Thank you! And in solidarity,