Summer Organizers Assemble!

Interns-2Joining us this summer are six interns ready and raring to start organizing in their community. From high school students to college grads, these women come from a vast variety of backgrounds, but have assembled for one purpose: to stop climate change in its tracks.

Many mornings, Rebecca Smith will thunder into the office with her hammer of development, managing fundraising while simultaneously supporting rallies and other events. Already hard at work, Miko Vergun is captaining media and editorials, while also dedicating her efforts to take on the government with the Our Children’s Trust lawsuit. She joins Analis Martin, who is already soaring around the scene, photographing events and sending the images to JARVIS to organize them. Emma Rosen can be found behind the scenes, developing the website and nimbly spying the best organization and clearest setups without leaving a trace. Working in a nearby perch is Rachel Levelle, spotting the best targets for community events and reaching out to neighborhoods to work through a just transition with. Delia Tyrrell is often seen working outreach and organizing events, almost altering reality to redefine what’s possible.

These interns, brought together by Adriana under 350PDX, will be working together until August and taking on many tasks. “I’m excited to use photography and film to capture fellow community members coming together and working towards something they’re passionate about,” Analis shared as she tinkered with her new photo AI. “It’s so inspiring to see and I want to share those moments with the world.”