Take action to stop Zenith.

We say no to dangerous and explosive oil trains in our communities.

A critical moment is upon us. We need you to join us to stop Zenith Energy from continuing to put our communities at risk with its dangerous oil-by-rail operation.

In a matter of weeks, the City of Portland will make a critical decision that will impact the immediate health & safety of Portland’s residents and the integrity of the climate. The City will decide whether Zenith’s facility in NW Portland is consistent with the City’s land use goals. The obvious answer: It’s NOT!

Years of your hard work and advocacy have led to this decision point. Now more than ever, we need you to use your voice to demand that the City of Portland deny any new permits for Zenith. In the face of the climate emergency, Portland has the opportunity to say “NO!” to this dirty oil company and assert our vision for a sustainable city—one that values community and environmental health over profits for fossil fuel companies.

It’s critical that any decision on this dangerous fossil fuel project be throughly investigated, including an analysis of the risk and harm to existing land uses, health and safety, and tribal resources.

Now is the time to mobilize and we need you to join us. Here is the most important thing you can do to help us stop Zenith right now:

– Call Portland City Council Members to demand they say no to Zenith oil-by-rail and conduct a thorough investigation of Zenith Energy, including tribal consultation process and an analysis of the risks and harms to existing land uses and health and safety.

Dan Ryan
Dan Ryan oversees the Bureau of Development Services (BDS), which will make the decision regarding Zenith’s Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS).

Mingus Mapps

Ted Wheeler

Jo Ann Hardesty

Carmen Rubio

Download a flyer to put in your local coffeeshops or on peoples’ doorsteps*NOTE* – it is illegal to put things in peoples’ mailboxes.

Thank you for taking action with us!

You can use our action page to send emails directly to your commissioners too. Click here, but make sure to call first!