Standing on the Corner, Waking up the World

Since the election, members of 350PDX Southwest team and SW HOPE have been holding periodic vigils in the Multnomah Village area.  There were about a dozen of us this past Saturday, November  holding signs and banners as well as umbrellas lettered with messages of peace and justice.  We had some of the beautiful 350PDX sunflower umbrellas in case it rained, but the universe seemed to think we’d do better under dry skies.

SW TeaMany drivers honked or gave us a thumbs-up as they drove by, and some of their passengers applauded.  A few pedestrians stopped to ask about our various signs: No DAPL (“What is DAPL?”), Racial and Climate Justice, Income Equality (“So many messages; who are you with?”).  A man driving by informed us, “Obama is the real racist, people.”

The woman who runs a nearby fish stand joined us when she didn’t have customers, and a student from Lewis and Clark School of Law parked her car in order to come back and thank us for doing what she wished she could do but didn’t have time for because of “four finals next week.”  We passed out quarter-sheets with information about 350PDX and resolved to bring a pad to collect people’s emails next time.

On a short march to a different location, we met friendly dog walkers and curious shoppers.  If you live in southwest Portland or close enough to join us, we’d welcome your company as we stand on the corner, trying to keep up people’s resolve to continue the fight to wake up more of our world to the need for climate justice in the days ahead.  

The next scheduled vigil is Saturday, 12/31 from 1-3 p.m.
For more information, email swleads [at] 350PDX [dot] org. Vigils will continue indefinitely into the future.

Written by Kathleen Worley.