Hey folks!

This is Eloise, 350PDX’s National Fossil Fuel Organizer, back with some updates from the People vs. Fossil Fuels coalition about Senator Manchin’s dirty side deal. 

People vs. Fossil Fuels (PVFF) is a frontline-led coalition of over 1,200 climate and environmental justice organizations dedicated to ending the fossil fuel era. In September, PVFF stood up to Manchin and Senator Schumer to defeat their dirty “side deal” to the Inflation Reduction Act. The deal would have undermined the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), one of our bedrock environmental laws, and fast-tracked fossil fuel projects like the Mountain Valley Pipeline, once again allowing BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and other frontline communities to become sacrifice zones for fossil fuel companies’ profit. The PVFF coalition mobilized massive public action to defeat the side deal in September. But now, lawmakers are poised to revive the deal during the final weeks of this Congress.

Senator Wyden has voiced his support for the deal, while still trying to claim he’s a “climate champion.” We need to make it clear to Wyden that he can’t have it both ways. If Wyden truly wants to defend the climate and our communities, he needs to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and say NO to Manchin’s dirty side deal. (To learn more, check out Extinction Rebellion PDX’s awesome article about Wyden here)


New handouts to the fossil fuel industry are unacceptable. Let’s keep up the pressure to defeat the dirty side deal.

Dec 5: Deliver a letter to Senator Wyden

Extinction Rebellion PDX will be delivering a letter to Wyden’s office on December 5th at 12pm calling on him to say no to the dirty deal. Folks will be meeting at NE 9th Ave & NE Holladay St, Portland. Interested in getting involved or have questions? Contact Diana at meissun@hotmail.com.

Dec 13: Come to the 350PDX Holiday Action Night

On Dec 13th from 6-8pm, join 350PDX for a Holiday Action Night at our office (3625 N Mississippi Ave)! We’ll be calling our Senators and Representatives – including Senator Wyden – to tell them to oppose the dirty deal.

We’ll also be calling and texting people in our base to see if they can contribute to our grassroots movement before year-end. There will be PRIZES for a random phone-banker and whoever completes the most number of phone calls. Prizes include an item from the Art Sale of your choice, more! There will also be items from the Art Sale on display for purchase and/or pick-up, as well as a gift wrapping station. RSVP here!

Right Now: Call Senator Wyden and tell him to oppose Manchin’s dirty deal

Phone Number: 888-997-5380

Call Script: “Hi, my name is ____, & I’m from ____. I’m deeply concerned about the Energy Independence and Security Act and any legislation that would fast-track fossil fuel projects and undermine the public’s ability to give input on new energy projects. As your constituent I’m calling to demand that you publicly oppose this dirty deal and do all you can to stop it from being attached to must-pass legislation and passing!”

Call the White House!

Phone Number: 202-456-1111

Call the number above between 11 AM – 3 PM EST Tuesday – Thursday, and use the script below, to contact the White House. Please leave a voicemail if no one is available to take your call. 

Call Script: “Hi, my name is ____, & I’m from ____. I’m deeply upset that the President is supporting the Energy Independence and Security Act. This bill would fast-track fossil fuel projects and undermine the public’s ability to protect themselves from harmful projects. I’m calling to demand that you stop supporting this dirty deal immediately and commit to rejecting every fossil fuel permit application your Administration receives!

Frontline communities have had enough of being used as bargaining chips in a fossil fueled scheme. We need to keep demonstrating that anytime Senators Manchin and Schumer want to cut a deal for more fossil fuels, they’ll have to deal with us first. Thank you for taking quick action now to urge our leaders to oppose this side deal, and stay tuned for more opportunities to fight fossil fuels on the national level.

In solidarity,

Eloise Navarro, 350PDX National Fossil Fuels Organizer

P.S.  Can you make a donation by Dec 31st so we can keep up our climate justice work? We are largely funded by the community, and need to raise $100,000 by the end of year so we can hit the ground running in 2023. Thank you for everything you do for climate justice!