Is Your Retirement Banking on Our World’s Destruction? Divest Now!

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The divestment movement is an increasingly important element in the fight against global climate change. Making the personal choice to divest shows commitment to challenging and changing the system that rewards corporations for destroying our planet. and 350PDX are both working actively to encourage universities, municipalities, foundations, and now individuals, to divest. It may seem like a small stone against the Goliath fossil fuel industry, but each little nugget can become a hail storm they won’t forget.

You can support this effort by divesting your own personal assets from fossil fuel securities. Personal divestment allows individuals to make the powerful statement that they refuse to contribute to this system.

The 350PDX Divestment Team has recently added new resources to the Personal Divestment page on our web site. You’ll find sample letters to your financial advisor and mutual fund manager. You’ll also find, under Resources, several excellent guides to help you decide whether divestment is right for you and if so, how to divest and re-invest.

350PDX does not offer investment advice. If you think you would like to divest your personal assets from fossil fuels, please read the resource materials on the Personal Divestment page and consult with your financial advisor to see if changing your investments is right for you.

by Linda Craig