Resources for Effective Organizing

Why Organize?’s video and accompanying materials to introduce you to community organizing for climate change: what does it mean to organize? What does effective leadership look like in grassroots groups? Why is your personal story important to the movement? Learn to identify targets, develop strategy, and plan a campaign.

Planning to Win

Awesome, very thorough organizing toolkit to walk community organizers through all of the stages of a full campaign, step-by-step.
(Printed copy in the 350PDX office.)

Organizing Cools the Planet

This manual contains tools and reflections to help navigate the climate crisis: what is climate justice, what is community organizing, the roots of the movement, and how to become a more powerful organizer.
(Printed copy in the 350PDX office.)

Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing

350PDX uses the Jemez Principles of inclusiveness, people power and solidarity; shared leadership and decision-making, and mutual respect and inclusivity.

Hoodwinked in the Hot House

Mia’s favorite zine on “false solutions” to climate change and climate justice!
(We’re looking for a copy for the office).

Standing With Black Lives Matter

Follow the link for a list of readings tied to why the climate movement needs to be there in the streets to say #BlackLivesMatter and put our bodies on the line with the same fervent passion to support black lives as we do to stop fossil fuels.

Making A Difference: Stopping Fossil Fuel Infrastructure In Its Tracks (PDF)

Summer 2018 Comments Regarding Jordan Cove

Resources for writing comments to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality about the proposed Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove fracked gas project provided by Dan Serres from Columbia Riverkeeper: