Portland Women’s March__January 21, 2017

The march was very family friendly, an all ages gathering

It was an extraordinary showing of solidarity and unity against an evil the likes of which neither this City nor this country has ever faced. Shouting “Not My President” crowds estimated at up to 100,000 filled the central core of Waterfront park and side streets and 3 bridges. Speakers were speaking but most people were too far away to hear, so instead people talked to one another and yelled in approval as waves of cheers made their way to the marchers.

People of all kinds of colors, religions and progressive politics assembled peacefully to show their
disdain for Donald Trump’s lack of respect for the most basic of human needs. Those at the march carried signs expressing the affronts they personally feel Donald Trump has exhibited. There was no pushing and shoving as well as no harsh words interchanged among participants. The event rose in stature to become truly awe inspiring and awesome in its own way of pushing people to confront this evil spreading over our land.

Written by Rick Rappaport