Portland Fossil Fuel Policy – Breakfast Rally

ffp-breakfast-2On the morning of July 13th, 40 people gathered outside City Hall to eat breakfast, have inspiring conversation, and attend City Council’s open testimony to support Mia Reback and Nick Caleb. Mia and Nick were testifying on the Fossil Fuel Code discussion draft, which will be the legally binding version of the Fossil Fuel Infrastructure ban resolution that was passed November last year. The Fossil Fuel Code falls well short of the original resolution, and is less a ban on fossil fuel infrastructure and more a few regulations tailored to fit the needs of the fossil fuel industries and their interest to grow. By testifying at City Council, Mia and Nick are drawing Council’s attention to the disparity between the resolution as passed and the current draft. (draft analysis)

Audio Interviews During The Rally

350PDX Interns Rachel Levelle and Rebecca Smith facilitated the event, serving coffee, fruit, and bagels before Mia and Nick gave their testimony. Attendees participated in an art event to explore personal stake in and solutions to fossil fuel expansion in Portland. From the rally, a small sea of red shirts made its way to the Council Chambers in support of a real ban on Fossil Fuel terminals in Portland.

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