Portland Ballot Initiative Officially Filed!

The Portland ballot measure you’ve heard so much about has officially been filed!

350PDX and our partners have been working for over two years on a Portland Ballot Initiative to promote green jobs and homes that internally has been known as PJET (Portland Just Energy Transition). We are pleased to be working alongside Portland’s NAACP chapter, Verde, the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA), APANO, and Oregon Sierra Club. As of late January, the Initiative has been filed with the city and the official ballot title will be confirmed by early March!

Press here for the complete Initiative

The PJET Steering Committee welcomes two new partners. Both Portland Audubon and Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility (Oregon PSR) have become valuable members of the PJET Steering committee and have brought some great insight and experience to the coalition.

Looking forward, the campaign’s largest immediate needs will be fundraising and signature gathering. To pass the PJET initiative, as a coalition, we will need to collect over 45,000 valid signatures before July 6th, 2018. The campaign will be holding signature gathering trainings and other educational opportunities for everyone to learn and be a part of this campaign! We will be recruiting folks willing to canvass public areas or personal networks.

Do you want to help? Fill out this volunteer interest form and check the box “Just Transition” to receive updates about how to help.

This ballot initiative aims to address not just contributions of greenhouse gases, but also one part of the environmental injustice in Portland. Campaign organizers encourage you to brush up on your understanding of the work to upend environmental injustice by reading some of these resources while waiting for petitioning to begin: Readings.

The PJET campaign is finalizing the official ballot title, a punchy new name for the campaign, logo and other important elements to this work. Please be patient during this community-based process, and know that good changes are coming.