350PDX Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams is a new project to write about the wildest, most far-reaching positive future scenarios we can imagine.

This is a challenge to pick up your pen and paper, or dust off your chunky home computer, and have some fun. What is the news article you want to read tomorrow morning that heralds the most unbelievably positive climate news? What headlines would make your heart sing with joy? What can you see while sitting on your back stoop–after all of our hard work in climate justice has paid off?

This is the place to name, to manifest, to explore. This is the place to be bold. No constraints, no hemming and hawing, no limits.

I encourage you to use the present or past tense, to reinforce the mindset that these events can be realized, and someday they will. I’ll start us off by posting a Pipe Dreams article announcing an imagined event from earlier this month.

This is my challenge to you — Write out your 350PDX Pipe Dream in whatever way works best for you (poem, news article, narrative, journal entry, photo series, etc), and then send it to us via Communications [at] 350pdx [dot] org.

Maya, Communications Team Co-lead