Road Through Paris

This December hundreds of world governments will meet in Paris to try to strike a global climate agreement. It will be the biggest gathering of its kind since 2009, and it’s potentially a big deal for our global movement.

On October 17th, we’re holding a momentum building workshop to plan for the coming months of action. The talks in Paris start on November 30th, and run for 2 weeks. When the talks wrap up on December 12th, we’ll make sure the people — not the politicians — have the last word. Join us on October 17 to plan for the Road ahead! 


After many months of consultation with the global 350 network, here is the plan for what we’re calling “The Road Through Paris”: the plan to grow our movement and hold local and world leaders accountable to the action we need.

We are nearer than ever to the changes we’ve been fighting to see. I hope to stand with you in the coming months to see them through.