Oregonians tell PGE to abandon the expansion of the Carty Generating Plant

We can no longer deny climate change. We know that there are solutions to our fossil fuel dependency. These changes will mean transforming our energy system. – Liz Trojan

This past December, PGE filed for an amended site certificate that would permit them to build two new natural gas power plants at the Carty Generating Plant in Boardman, OR. The Energy Facility Siting Commission (EFSC) has to grant the site certificate in order for PGE to begin construction.

We asked the community to tell PGE how they felt about the request and how expanding the capacity of the plant to use dirty fossil fuels would affect them. The response we got was overwhelming.

Over 300 concerned community members told 350PDX how they felt. Their appeals to PGE were personal, well-informed, and got straight to the point – Oregonians value the PNW’s natural environment and they want to protect it.

Here are just a few comments that articulated exactly how Oregonians feel about PGE’s request:

As a Portland resident, I do not want to have coal fired power replaced with gas. We should replace Boardman’s output with a combination of renewable energy and storage. Please deny this application. – – Concerned Community Member

We should be planning for the future in reality by transitioning to green energy, not more fossil fuel infrastructure. Our future depends on it! – Phyllis Richardson

Please consider the future impact of natural gas use and production. There is plenty of evidence already —despite attempts to cover it up—that it destroys precious water supplies that are likely impossible to restore. It is already an agreed upon fact that fossil fuel use has caused, and will continue to cause, climate change. “Natural” gas is NOT ecologically friendly and never will be again. Let us use the resources for building this plant and instead build clean energy facilities that will not only actually be useful in the future, but will help ensure our future. Thank you for reading and please consider the future of our species. – Joe Anderson

Oregonians care about their communities and the environment. They believe gas and electric companies must be held accountable for their actions and consider the impact they have on the environment and communities they operate in. I, along with countless Portland residents, call upon the EFSC to deny PGE’s application for the proposed expansion of natural gas-fired power plants at the Carty Generating Station.

UPDATE: In March, due to public pressure from people like you, PGE suspended their requests for permits for two fracked gas plants (Carty Generating Plants 2 and 3 in Boardman, 150 miles east of Portland.) They are considering other sources of energy including renewables, natural gas and hydro contracts, and the purchase of an existing natural gas plant. We need to keep a close eye on them, the fight over the Carty Generating Plants isn’t quite over! Add your name to stop the Carty gas plants by adding a comment through our comment form.

Good News! PGE publicly supported the city of Portland’s and Multnomah County’s new 100% renewable resolutions passed June 1, the day Trump announced his plans to withdraw from the Paris agreement. These resolutions take a strong position against new gas-fired power plants and other fossil fuel infrastructure, and are considered a model for other cities around the country.

Put August 8th on your calendar for one last public hearing in Salem at 9:30 AM before the Public Utility Commission. More information to follow.

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Written by: Nicole Metildi