Thanks for your interest in volunteering with 350PDX! This page has lots of the resources you’ll need to get started.


Attend the Climate Movement 101 training

Recording and slides from Climate Movement 101 (October 2020).

Keep your eye out on the calendar for upcoming live trainings.


Familiarize yourself with 350PDX

Make sure this is the organization for you by reading our mission, values, our focus on climate justice, and read and signing the Code of Conduct / Anti-Discrimination statement. All this information is available in the first section of the 350PDX Volunteer Handbook.


Start taking action

Things you can do right now – a list of quick actions you can do right now

Join a team – this is the main way to get more deeply involved with climate action at 350PDX. At the bottom of the Volunteer Handbook you can find information on what all our teams do, and a contact person for each team. Reach out to them, or just show up to a meeting if it’s listed on the calendar.

Calendar – most of our team meetings, trainings, actions, and other events appear on our website calendar. If it’s on the calendar that means it’s open to anyone.

Become a sustaining donor – 350PDX is powered by our community, and we need your help to keep up our sustained climate action for the long run. Committing to donate an amount every month helps us be stable and resilient in a tumultuous world, and lets us focus more of our energy and resources on fighting for climate justice.


Check in with the Volunteer Manager

Schedule a 30 minute video call with Chris for a one-on-one to help you find your feet and get involved at 350PDX – schedule here! If you’re not available any of those times, give him an email at to find a different time.


Learning and training

Trainings page – displays all upcoming trainings, and also has many past trainings that you can watch. There is a lot of knowledge out there that was hard won by the movements that came before us. To help us avoid making needless mistakes we should all aspire to train ourselves up as much as we can. This page is new and is still partly under construction.

Environmental Justice & White Supremacy resources – a collection of resources we’ve put together for volunteers, especially white volunteers. A good place to start it reading and reflecting on the White Supremacy Cultural traits.