Meet the New Newsletter Co-Editor!

Hello! My name is Tay and I’m the new co-editor for the monthly newsletter as well as a support in other projects 🙂


I am currently attending Portland State University pursuing a Communications Studies degree with a minor in Sustainable Urban Development. I am also working at Community Environmental Services as a Project Support staff member working on a variety of projects from landfill-bound materials assessments, Portland event recycling, household waste weight data collection, and more! Most recently, I found 350PDX and appreciate their passion, motivation, and willingness to grow as an organization to include everyone under the sun in this fight for climate change justice.

I come from every side of the U.S. I’ve spent over a decade in Tennessee (too humid, but I miss the fireflies), a few years between Montana and New Mexico (too cold, then too hot, but I miss the food culture), and finally decided on Portland, Oregon (just right). Needless to say, my life can be summed up to consistently immersing myself in different cultures and I couldn’t feel more blessed to have experienced so many different perspectives in life.

While I’ve learned a lot in every place that I’ve lived, my time in Portland has been the biggest influence in shaping who I am as a person. Portland has also had the greatest impact on my interest in the environment and identifying/understanding the role we all play as human beings inhabiting this earth. What I have learned during my time in Portland is that all of us have assumed the greatest responsibility we, as a species, have ever encountered. It is what we do with this responsibility that defines us. That’s why I’m excited to be a member of the 350PDX team in order to do my part and help others do the same!

Thank you!

You can email Tay at newsletter (at)