New Arts and Events Team for 350PDX!

If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.” – Emma Goldman

Dana Lyons sings at the Crude Awakening Oil Train Show last June

Dana Lyons sings at the Crude Awakening Oil Train Show last June

A new team is forming to expand the climate justice movement here in Portland. The 350PDX Arts and Events Team will produce and offer opportunities where artists, musicians, storytellers, and other creative folks can participate in events that can inspire, educate, and move our community into action on climate justice. Organized initially by Barbara Ford and Karen Pollach, we invite others in the arts to get involved.

Arts and Events team leader Barbara Ford offers the following rationale for this new team: “As the climate justice movement grows and matures, it’s important to offer a wide range of opportunities to engage in the work. Just as monoculture isn’t sustainable for growing food, it is also not sustainable for activism.People have a wide range of gifts to offer the world, and a variety of levels of involvement to which they can commit. We see the arts and related events, with a focus on relational experiences, community-building, fun, inspiration, and creativity, as a way to invite a broader spectrum of participants, and a more joyful kind of activism.”

Possible events include concerts, dance, theater, poetry and spoken-word events, food events, workshops, art-making, “Climate Cafés,” and other gatherings that will grow and diversify the climate justice community. If you are an artist, performer, producer, or part of an arts community, and are inspired by the creative possibilities of this work, please contact Karen Pollach ( or Barbara Ford (, 503-975-1282).