Our voices have been loud and clear: We need President Biden to do everything in his power to stop climate catastrophe, including stopping all new fossil fuel projects. Instead, Biden is giving ConocoPhillips the green light to start the Willow Project, a brand new Alaska oil drilling operation that would lock us into decades of carbon pollution.

The news that Biden approved the Willow Project felt like a gut punch.

It’s true that Biden has long been falling short of his promises to take action on climate. But for him to green light a brand new oil drilling project like Willow, which is estimated to release 280 million metric tons of greenhouse gasses over the next 30 years, shows that he is willing to sacrifice our future in exchange for the fossil fuel industry’s profits. It means he’s willing to sacrifice people on the frontlines of the climate crisis and the Willow Project’s devastating impacts, including local Indigenous communities.

Biden’s approval of the Willow Project is a denial of climate science, a direct contradiction to his commitment to protect wilderness areas in Alaska from resource extraction, and ignoring the voices of the environmental and climate justice community, including Sovereign Iñupiat for a Living Arctic and Alaska Wilderness League.

But the fight isn’t over. Since Biden first signaled he would approve Willow on Feb 1st, we’ve shown up en masse to fight back. Over 2.3 million people submitted comments and 3.2 million people signed a petition calling on him to deny the project. #StopWillow videos went viral online, with an estimated 200+ million views across social platforms. Then on March 21, when Biden had the audacity to host a “Conservation in Action Summit” a mere week after approving Willow, climate organizers held an action in front of the Department of the Interior to protest Biden’s climate inaction.

MONDAY, JUNE 12:  Take action w/ 350PDX and People vs. Fossil Fuels!

It’s critical we keep up this momentum.

People vs Fossil Fuels– a frontline-led coalition of over 1,200 groups including 350PDX – is continuing to organize people across the country to call on Biden to reverse his approval of the Willow Project, declare a climate emergency, and stop all new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Join us on June 12 in taking action against the Willow Project and fossil fuel projects across the country! Also save the date for a mass call on April 19 leading up to the June 12 day of action. More info coming soon.

We know we’re up against major forces in the fight to stop fossil fuel projects around the country. But we are seeing our movement against fossil fuels grow larger and stronger every day.

On March 20, UN Secretary General António Guterres released a statement calling for the ceasing of all new oil and gas as a condition to attend his climate summit. If US leaders can’t make a serious commitment to phasing out fossil fuels, they risk having the door to climate diplomacy shut in their faces. The writing is on the wall: the fossil fuel industry’s time is up. So let’s keep up momentum, and keep fighting. We have a whole world to win, and a future to protect.

In solidarity,

Eloise Navarro, 350PDX Fossil Fuels Organizer