350PDX’s 2022 Legislative Session Endorsements

From February 1 – March 7,  the Oregon State Legislature is in session to vote on bills that could impact us for years to come. With the climate crisis on our doorstep, it is critical our legislators vote for strong climate action and resiliency. Read on to see the bills that 350PDX is endorsing this 2022 legislative session and ways you can take action to support them.

Treasury Transparency (HB 4115)

The Oregon Treasury invests $130 billion for the people of Oregon. This bill would ensure that the Treasury publicly releases its asset holdings annually. Transparency from the Treasury is the first step in addressing the risks of climate change to Oregonians. Learn more about the bill here.

Reach Code: Climate-Friendly Buildings (SB 1518)

The Reach Code Bill would allow Oregon cities to choose climate action by opting into stronger energy efficiency building standards within their jurisdictions, reducing their climate and air pollution, which increases their livability for today and generations to come. Learn more about the bill here.

Farmworker Overtime (HB 4002)

Oregon farmworkers ensure our families are healthy and well-fed in every corner of the state. They deserve to be paid for every hour of their essential, difficult, and often dangerous work. And yet, in 2020, while working through wildfires and ice storms, Oregon farmworkers made, on average, less than $20,000 a year. Learn more about the bill here.

Fuel Storage Seismic Vulnerability (SB 1567)

The Critical Energy Infrastructure (CEI) Hub on the Willamette River contains 90% of the state’s liquid fuel supply, and poses an immense threat to our community when the Cascadia Earthquake occurs. This bill would require fuel storage facilities to assess their seismic vulnerability and implement mitigation plans to reduce risks. Learn more about the bill here.

Emergency Heat Relief for Renters (SB 1536-1) and for Communities (HB 4058)

Oregonians deserve access to affordable, efficient, and safe heating and cooling during extreme weather events. The Emergency Heat Relief package is carefully crafted to support the needs of these communities and remove barriers for renters in installing life-saving technologies. Learn more about the bill here.

Natural and Working Lands (SB 1534)

Establishes state policy to increase carbon sequestration in natural and working lands and waters, and directs relevant state agencies to develop metrics and monitor progress toward achieving sequestration goals.

Protecting Oregon Workers from Climate Hazards (HCR 203)

Declares that workers in Oregon are suffering physically, mentally, and economically due to climate hazards. This lays the groundwork for future legislative action for compensation out of an established worker relief fund for those who could not work, due to climate hazard. Learn more about the bill here.

Environmental Justice for All (HB 4077)

Directs $1 million in funding to DEQ and orders the agency to develop an environmental justice mapping tool of communities and the health and environmental threats they face.