Hi everyone,

It’s clear we need to move on from fossil fuels, including methane gas. We already knew that methane from fracked gas is fueling the climate crisis. Now, more and more research is showing that burning gas in our stoves, heaters, and fireplaces creates air pollution levels that would be illegal outdoors, because it can cause conditions like asthma and heart failure, yet we’re burning them inside of our homes! We need our political leaders to stand up for the climate and our health by making a just transition away from gas.

When we build new buildings that are hooked up to gas infrastructure, we’re then locking ourselves in to using gas for decades to come. Buildings account for a third of Oregon’s climate pollution. Electrification is a solution that can create a just transition to homes and buildings that are safer, healthier, and more resilient to extreme weather.

We deserve healthy lungs, clean air, and a future powered by clean and renewable energy, not the lies of the fossil fuel industry. We need a Fossil Free Multnomah County!

In April 2021, Multnomah County passed a resolution (thanks to advocacy from the local climate movement!) that ensured all new County-owned buildings (like libraries, schools, and community centers) were fossil fuel free. That policy was a step in the right direction, but it’s time to expand it. That’s why we’re advocating for a new policy that would ensure all new construction within Multnomah County is free of fossil fuels.

Dozens of cities, including New York, Seattle, Denver, and San Francisco, have already said no to fracked gas in new buildings. In Oregon, Eugene, Lane County, and Southern Oregon are all exploring new laws to regulate gas and provide clear pathways for clean buildings. You can join us right now to take action and demand Multnomah County do the same.

This summer, we’ll be gathering as many signatures as possible, and we need your help! Once you sign the petition yourself, check out this toolkit to see how you can increase your impact and get involved in the campaign. In the toolkit, you’ll find a hard copy of the petition sheet to print and gather signatures in person, sample texts, emails, and social posts, and more.

The road ahead is clear: we can’t continue burning fossil fuels if we want a livable future. We need real solutions that transition us away from fossil fuels while centering the needs of those most impacted by the extreme weather events and the climate crisis.
Let’s do this!

Dineen O’Rourke,
Campaign Manager, 350PDX