Have fun saving the world

Dec12-Climate-March-1There’s lots to do, and great people to work with. What’s been fun is seeing this organization grow quickly over the last two years, with lots of people dedicated to making a real impact.

No matter what your skills or experience, or what you like doing, you can find a place in this movement.

Where to plug in?

  • We are working on having regular volunteer orientations. Check our calendar to see if one is coming up!
  • Fill out the volunteer form below to see which team is the best fit for regular or intermittent involvement.
  • Check our ‘current roles to fill’ by clicking the button

Hate the internet? Come by the office on Tuesdays from 3:00–6:00pm to chat with Chris, our Volunteer Coordinator. (Office is in the Central Lutheran Church, at Hancock and NE 21st Ave, entrance on Hancock St).

350PDX Volunteer Form

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