How to Contribute to the Blog

Step One: Decide What to Write

350PDX organizes and participates in many events throughout the year and we need people to write about them. There are three places to check for upcoming events:

If any of the upcoming events interest you, make plans to attend and let the  Communications Team know that you’ll be covering it. If you’re new to 350PDX,  you can sign up to volunteer or check out the next Communications Team meeting. Some events may need more than one writer covering the event, but other times it won’t be necessary. By giving the Communications Team a heads-up, we can make sure we’re using our volunteers and resources in the most effective way possible.  

Not all articles posted on the blog need to be 350PDX event coverage. Other ideas include:

  • Coverage of climate justice, fossil fuel resistance, or other relevant events not organized by 350PDX
  • Book, movie, or other climate-related art reviews
  • Creative pieces like original poetry, stories, song lyrics, and narrative nonfiction
  • Any other editorial pieces or news items that reflect and communicate our group’s mission and vision

Step Two: Write and Edit the Article

After you’ve attended an event, the next step is to write the article! Some news and events are time sensitive. If this is the case, please write your article as soon as you can, the same or next day if possible. Other articles may not be time sensitive, but it’s still nice to have new content for the blog, so if you’ve been toying with an idea, now is a great time to start writing!

If you don’t have access to the 350PDX shared Google Drive email your finished draft to the Communications Team. We’ll work together to get it into our shared 350PDX Google Drive.

If you have access to the 350PDX shared Google Drive…  After you’ve finished writing your draft article, add it to the 350PDX shared Google Drive.  The Communications Team has special folders specifically for processing blog posts. You will find these folders in Communications & Outreach >> Media Production >> Writing

  • Pick the month for which you’re writing the article. For instance, if you write a blog post for February you will choose the 2017 February folder.
  • Add your article to the “In Progress/Needs Edit” folder
  • Jump on Ryver and send out a request to the Communications Team for a read-through or review. Please include a link to your article. If you are not on Ryver, please email our Communications Team Leads

After sharing your draft article, another member of the Communications Team will review and suggest any changes. Once this is done they will notify you in Ryver (or by email) and you will have the opportunity to accept or reject these suggested changes before moving on to the next step. Once you have finished editing your article, you’re ready for publication!

Step Three: Publication

Once your article is ready for publication, we’ll send you the submission link.

Additional Help

If you aren’t sure whether an article idea is appropriate for the 350PDX blog, or you’re having trouble getting started, run your idea by the Communications Team. We are more than happy to help you brainstorm!

If you have questions or need help getting set up, contact the Communications Team leads.

Happy writing everyone!