Global Divestment Day in Portland isn’t over yet!


Portlanders hold love letters to Mayor Hales asking for divestment

Divestment Love Letters (C) Rick Rappaport

We’re going to City Hall to tell Mayor Charlie Hales break up with fossil fuels for good, and we hope you can come!

The day before Valentine’s Day, three hundred 350PDX supporters gathered outside City Hall at the largest off-campus Global Divestment Day event in the country to tell Portland Mayor Charlie Hales, “We won’t be your Valentine unless you follow through on your commitment to divest the City of Portland from fossil fuel.”

Since Charlie missed all the fun in February, we’re taking it to him!

Join us on Wednesday, April 29th to hold Mayor Charlie Hales to his commitment to divest from fossil fuels!

We’ll be bringing Charlie a framed montage of some of the photo petitions, paper tulips and a bag of divest candy hearts (yes, you can try one, too!)

We’ll have a banner, big pink heart posters, and ‘350PDX Divest Now!’ buttons so you can  show Charlie you’re part of our 350PDX crew. Wear orange (the color of the divestment movement) to identify yourself in the crowd.

The City Council Meeting starts promptly at 9:30 am so please plan on arriving early to get a button, maybe a sign, a good seat and join in the fun.

Divesting, or changing where the City invests its money, is important because it sends a strong signal to fossil fuel industry that our government is not tied to beholden to pollutive energy.

Visit the Calendar to see this event and others!

Sandy Polishuk is a Board Member and the coordinator for the fossil fuel divestment campaign at 350PDX.