Volunteer Roles

Position: Attorney with Non-Profit Experience

Time Commitment: Variable


Provide legal advice to 350PDX board and staff when questions arise, such as how changes to non-profit employer regulation affect 350PDX, or whether engaging in particular events violates non-profit limits to endorsing political candidates. If interested, send an email with a brief overview of your experience, and a few times you would be available to meet, to info@350pdx.org.

Skills/Experience needed: Non-profit attorney

Position: Press Contacts Manager

Time Commitment: 4 hours to start, then 1 hour every 2 weeks


Update and organize our press contacts list. To start, this will be working closely with Chris and then will involve intermittent work to maintain the list. Involves looking up media contacts and making changes to an online spreadsheet. Contact Chris at chris@350pdx.org.

Skills/Experience needed: Great organization, detail oriented and accurate

Position: Divestment Press Advisor

Time Commitment: Variable time commitment


Do you have experience writing press releases, or getting media attention? The Divestment from Fossil Fuels campaigns keep winning and could use increase media. This is a critical role since translating our work into shifting public and political action often requires going through the mainstream media. This person would stay up-to-date with the Divestment campaigns either by attending one or two evening meetings per month, or work out another way to stay current. Press releases have a loose schedule, and are timed with a week to a day or two’s notice, and would ideally accept a handful of press releases a year. Email Sandy at sandy@350pdx.org if you are interested, include a few times of the week you are generally available to meet in person, plus a short background of your press experience.

Skills/Experience needed: Writing and media coordination, narrative crafting

Position: Development Committee Members

Time Commitment: 2-10 hours per week


The Development Committee works to raise money for 350PDX through multiple revenue streams. We are recruiting a few new Development Committee members to help out in any of the following areas:

  • Planning fun benefit events
  • Grassroots fundraising
  • Grant and proposal writing
  • Data entry, data management
  • Meeting 1 on 1 with potential individual and business supporters
  • Thanking supporters
  • Organizing/overseeing any of the above

As you can see, working with the Development Committee is about much more than asking for money! Formal fundraising experience is NOT required though it’s a huge plus. But we are looking for people with some solid skills, and the time and commitment to put them to work.
This work is so gratifying because you can see how you are helping the organization grow and be more effective! If you can gain valuable non-profit development skills. Or, if you are experienced, share your knowledge with an organization that is just getting off the ground.
We meet two times per month. A regular meeting day/time has not been chosen yet. The time commitment is scalable between 2 to 10+ hours per week, but must be dependable.
Please email Katy at katy@350pdx.org if you would like to apply, and include

  1. Name
  2. Email, phone, address
  3. Why do you want to join 350PDX’s Development Committee?
  4. What skills and experience will you bring to the Development Committee?
  5. How many hours per week or per month can you commit to? What’s your typical availability (e.g., days, evenings, weekends)?

Skills/Experience needed: Non-profit development skills