Fossil Fuel Divestment Needs Your Support! Date changed to April 5

The Portland City Council is considering renewing fossil fuel divestment, but needs some support from the community! Please call or email Portland City Council to ask them to continue the city’s divestment from the Carbon Underground 200, 100 coal companies and 100 gas and oil companies with the largest reserves, and affirm the recommendation of the Socially Responsible Investments Committee to place Amazon, Caterpillar, Nestle, and Wells Fargo on the City’s Do-Not-Buy list.

We are in an emergency situation because the City is threatening to end the SRI policy and leave our investment decisions to the City Treasurer and a Wall Street firm. This is not only an undemocratic maneuver to prevent the community from having a say in how our tax dollars are invested but also prevents climate injustice and other human rights violations from being considered in the City’s investment portfolio!

Please contact the Council as soon as possible and then plan to attend the April 5 City Council meeting at 2 pm at the Portland Building, 1120 SW 5th Ave. right next to City Hall. RSVP Here.

Click here to read more about City & County Fossil Fuel Divestment originally passed fall 2015.

Talking Points:

  1. The City of Portland should renew its divestment from the Carbon Underground 200, 100 coal companies and 100 gas and oil companies with the largest reserves.
  2. The City of Portland already said no to new fossil fuel infrastructure for the City of Portland. We shouldn’t be supporting new fossil fuel elsewhere via our financial  investments.
  3. The City should make our actions consistent with our words. The City Council unanimously opposed the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and declared Portland a Sanctuary city. How can the City then invest in Caterpillar and Wells Fargo? Caterpillar helped build DAPL and Wells Fargo helped finance it. Wells Fargo invests in the private prison companies that run immigrant detention centers and Caterpillar is President Trump’s chosen contractor to build the anti-immigrant Wall on our southern border.
  4. Portland should join Seattle and other cities across country and take a stand for indigenous rights, Palestinian rights, immigrant rights, prisoner rights, and universal human rights.
  5. Read an alternative proposal for Occupation Free Portland online: