Rally and Action to Oppose the Jordan Cove Pipeline!

May 22, 2019 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
NW Park and Couch (the North Park Blocks)

Rally hosted by Portland Rising Tide:

“Communities across the country are standing against fossil fuel corporations, so the current administration is attempting to silence us.

​​​​​The Trump administration signed two executive orders last month that would inhibit local intervention and resistance to the perpetuation of the fossil fuel economy by limiting the environmental review process. These orders aim to circumvent input from local and impacted persons and groups, ultimately further concentrating decision making power in the hands of federal policy makers who decide in favor of personal profit rather than long-term consequences for all.

Pembina Pipeline Corp. just last week dropped their spending from $120 million to $50 million, likely responding to the lack of outside investment interest and support. This unpopular and unnecessary project could be forced through by the current administration unless we come together to fight and win.

The proposed Jordan Cove pipeline project would be the largest CO2 emitter in our state. And we may lose our opportunity to resist it.

But our voices are strong!

This is why Portland Rising Tide is calling for a rally and action to let our voices be heard! The Jordan Cove pipeline project, owned by Pembina, has loomed over future generations, indigenous communities, landowners, and–ultimately–all of us affected by climate change for too long.

We will gather at 11:30am at the North Park blocks (NW Park and Couch) to hear from impacted community members and to share knowledge and identify how to best end this destructive project once and for all. Please join us in resistance to invasive corporate overreach, aggressive federal policy, and attempts at decimating community self-determination!

Action details TBA at the rally!

Together we can both resist what destroys us and create what sustains us.

Rally with us, walk away with new friends, and a clear path towards a fossil fuel free Oregon.​​​​​​​”