Leadership Council October

October 15, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
350pdx Office
1820 NE 21st Ave Portland
OR 97212

The October Leadership Council Meeting is coming up! At these monthly Leadership Councils, we invite one representative per team to speak, but the meetings are open for any team member to attend and participate through a Spokescouncil model.


Leadership Council is intended to provide a space to

  1. Coordinate between all the teams, staff, and the Board
  • Share campaign successes or troubles, find out about common projects across teams, etc.
  • This is achieved through verbal team updates, written team summaries 1x/month, and possibly other creative methods in the future.
  1. Discuss how we organize
    1. The structure of the organization and how to improve team collaboration
    2. Underlying principles of our work, such as Theory of Change and how movements are built
    3. …whatever we need to accomplish our work!
  2. Team members can attend to learn more about the functioning of the organization
  3. Promote leadership development
    • Spend time in person with people in leadership or other deeply involved positions in the organization
    • Team members can join Working Groups to contribute to the upkeep of the organization and also help shape its direction
  4. Democratize the operations of the organization

How it works

    • An in-person meeting that gathers 1x per month, using a spokes council model:
    • All Team members and co-leads, staff, and Board members are invited to attend
    • One person represents their team as the Spoke per meeting, decided by the team
    • The team Spoke participates in the meeting. Other team members in attendance can pass notes or talk with their Spoke. The content of the meetings is transparent and accessible to the active members of the organization, and all teams have equal representation because there are a limited number of people speaking. Sometimes discussions open up to all people in attendance.
    • Teams can be represented by their leads, with other people also encouraged to take on the Spoke role
    • Meetings are currently scheduled, space booked, and agendas compiled by Staff (Maya), though a Big Meetings Committee was created in the July 2017 Leadership Council meeting to expand this role to other leadership and ideally rotate meeting facilitation
    • Working Groups are smaller groups of people that are completing a specific task. They are formed within Leadership Council by putting the request on the agenda.