Leadership Council (Now 350PDX General Meeting)

December 10, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
1820 NE 21st Ave
OR 97212

We are holding the December General Meeting during the time previously set aside for the December Leadership Council — Please RSVP and spread the word! 

This is the date for the December Leadership Council meeting. Light snacks provided

Sun, December 10th 2017, 3-5pm (at 350PDX office)

Please RSVP to let me know you’re coming, or forward this RSVP link to another member of your team to represent you. You can coordinate with your co-leads, as you don’t both need to attend, but are welcome if you are able. Multiple people from your team are encouraged to attend!

Let me know if there are any important topics you would like to propose for the meeting!

Please read: What is Leadership Council?

  • We create an all-leadership meeting that gathers 1x per month, using a “Spokes Council” model

  • All team leads and members, staff, and board members are invited

  • One person represents their team as the Spokesperson for their team (the “Spoke,” like on a bike wheel)

  • The meeting is open for any team member to attend, and only the designated team Spoke speaks during the meeting. Occasionally during the meeting we will have time for teams to talk amongst themselves. In this way, team members are mostly quiet but not disconnected from their representation. In this way, the content of the meetings is transparent to the active members of the organization. This also provides opportunities for leadership development, as more people will experience the leadership spaces and have an understanding of the conversations that take place.

  • Teams can be represented by their leads, with other people also encouraged to take on the Spoke role in rotations (maybe of 3 months each, if possible?), and so there is a representative even if team leaders can’t attend. The meetings go best when the Spoke, if not a team lead, has attended at least one Leadership Council before.

  • Agendas and notes are found in the Leadership Council google drive folder, email maya [at] 350pdx.org if you don’t have access.