Good Grief Support Group

December 12, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Inner NE Portland
RSVP for exact location
10 Steps to Personal Resilience in a Chaotic Climate
Weekly Support Group sponsored by 350PDX
facilitated by Naomi Baker LMFT and Emily Herbert PhD
Open to All who find themselves grieving about the planet
Thursday evenings 7 pm to 8:30 pm  Starting Thursday October 17
NE Portland close-in. Register at the link below for exact location .
  • A place for emerging and long term activists to renew and refresh your spirits, minds and bodies.
  • A safe place of reflective listening and storytelling, where you can be heard and hear others
  • A place of calm to choose authentic life modes, experience various ways for healthy stress reduction and maintenance of emotional and physical health.
Long term emergency work is exhausting and often discouraging in our culture where denial has become delusion, and justice, for those in the margins, is challenged daily from the nation’s leaders.  Our consumer culture has commodified and isolated us.
There is mystery and love in the universe.  Nature shows us that each person, and all life, is precious.  Our consciousness is precious.  We do have the ability to recreate ourselves and choose our life views.  Justice has yet to come here on earth.  No words can capture the infinite.  Interrelationships with each other and life on earth hold the key to our life satisfaction.  All religions and views of spirituality are honored.
All are welcome. Donations of $3-$5.00 to cover expenses are appreciated.
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