Earth Day 2020

April 22–23

On April 22 1970 the first Earth Day brought millions of people out into the streets to support the need for bold environmental action. It marked the birth of the modern environmental movement. Earth Day 1970 achieved a rare political alignment, enlisting support from Republicans and Democrats, rich and poor, urban dwellers and farmers, business and labor leaders. By the end of 1970, the first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts.

Now, 50 years later we are not only in the midst of a climate crisis, but we are also experiencing an unprecedented global pandemic with the ability to reshape our economy forever. The 50th anniversary of Earth Day is an opportunity to demand immediate investment in a regenerative economy, and mark a new beginning for the modern climate justice movement. Will you join us?

Wed, April 22

We did it! Portland’s first mass climate justice virtual rally was a success with thousands of people tuning in.

We learnt about campaigns for climate justice here in Portland: YouthPass for All, the Oregon Green New Deal, and the need for a true People’s Bailout to survive this crisis and build resiliency for the climate crisis.

In a time where community and togetherness are needed more than ever, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day was more important than ever, and we rallied together for climate justice.

Speakers included:

  • A dynamic panel from OPAL’s Youth Environmental Justice Alliance, on their campaign for a regional-wide YouthPass: free public transit for everyone 18 and under throughout the Metro-region.
  • Portland City Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty
  • Poetry from Portland’s youth climate activists
  • Exclusive update on the Oregon Green New Deal
  • Ways to make art and take action from home


Print out or trace a copy of our posters outlining climate justice campaigns that demand a just transition throughout Oregon and display them in your windows — encourage your neighbors to join you!

  1. Print or trace our outlined posters
  2. Color them in using whatever medium you like
  3. Take a well-lit, close up photo of your favorite poster with nothing else in the frame
  4. Display your artwork in a window in your home
  5. Take a photo from the outside of your home of your artwork in the window. 
  6. Email your two photos to
  7. Post the photos to your own social media using the hashtag #edpdx2020


Chalk Art is a temporary, artistic way to engage and inform your community about Earth Day events. These murals can be created and appreciated while respecting social distancing, and spreading the word about Earth Day actions to anyone who happens to walk by.

Find chalking instructions and examples here

Thu, April 23

Digital Chase Bank Takeover!

All day

Review Chase Bank’s Destruction of Our Climate & Communities:

Join us for a “Digital Takeover” at every JPMorgan Chase Bank branch. We are leaving educational reviews – emphasizing Chase’s dominant role in supporting the fossil fuel industry – at Chase’s social media pages and for every branch. Google Maps, Yelp, and many other review sites allow posting images with reviews, so part of the action is creating selfies of Chase-based protest images. An action to “like” posted reviews and a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook campaign to spread the word will be happening concurrently. Sign up now to get a toolkit with sample reviews, review sites, and images.

This action is being organized in coalition with 350PDX, Columbia Riverkeeper, Extinction Rebellion PDX, Families for a Livable Climate, Generational Resistance, Greenpeace, and SunrisePDX.