There are many misconceptions and assumptions that go into environmental justice and the ways that race and class interact in organizing. Even if you think you know about diversity and climate justice, these articles are a great start to gaining a deeper understanding of justice, race, white supremacy, and how different identities interact. Some of this might be uncomfortable or difficult to grapple with, so fill out our contact form if you want more resources or information about an upcoming training.

Listen to & Uplift BIPOC Voices in Climate & Environmental Movements

BIPOC stands for “Black, Indigenous, people of color.” It’s imperative that we directly listen to and learn from from those with the lived experience of oppression, including environmental and climate injustice. 

Green Voices of Color, compiled by Mary Annaïse Heglar, a Black climate justice writer (read her work on Medium and follow her on Twitter!)

Black Environmentalists Talk About Climate and Anti-Racism

11 Young Climate Justice Activists You Need to Pay Attention To

Remember, understanding white supremacy and unlearning racism is a constant journey. The most important steps are to listen and acknowledge mistakes made along the way. 350PDX is committed to this journey and we welcome any feedback you may have or additional resources we should include on this page. Please email Thank you!