Why (we as) climate activists stand with refugees


“A culture that places so little value on human beings, that it allows them to be thrown to the waves, is also going to allow poor people’s countries to disappear beneath the waves because that is a threat to today’s profits.”
— Naomi Klein

Hundreds of thousands of people are making their way to Europe these weeks, fleeing from violence, often being met by violence again upon crossing our borders; sometimes – increasingly – met with love and compassion (as well as the occasional bottle of water, toy, or blanket).

You have probably heard the story: climate change, unchecked, drives extreme weather events and resource scarcity, exacerbating conflict and socio-economic dynamics. Case in point: Syria. While the causes of the Syrian conflict are primarily political, some recent research suggests that a prolonged drought just before the 2011 uprising may have played a role in the ongoing civil war (although this should be seen as only one contributing factor). Read more

Say No to More Fossil Fuels

This week, the Portland City Council will take up what seems at first glance a visionary piece of legislation, one ending the construction of new infrastructure for transporting and storing fossil fuels. If passed, it would certainly stand as a landmark — but it’s a cairn on an increasingly inevitable trail.

For one thing, the math of climate change makes it abundantly clear that we simply have to stop any expansion of fossil fuels and instead reduce their use with all possible speed. So far, 2015 is the hottest year we’ve ever measured.

As I write this, the lead story in The New York Times is headlined “Greenland Is Melting Away.” In the past 10 days we’ve seen the highest hurricane winds ever measured, and the lowest barometric pressure. The West Coast is gripped in a seemingly endless drought — and hoping that its end will come with an El Niño capable of unleashing epic floods.

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Portland Mercado and 350PDX Celebrate Dia de los Muertos

2015-10-30 14.28.10Thelogian Thomas Berry wrote, “The era we are leaving behind, was when the earth was at its “most lyrical,” when songbirds, flowering plants, and the great families of mammals flourished.” With so much loss of song, color, life, and culture, there was a lot to offer on alters of remembrance this year.

Last Friday, October 30, we built candy coral reefs, made masks, got our faces painted, and celebrated Dia de los Muertos together at Portland Mercado. Over 100 kids and parents came to do arts and crafts and celebrate together.


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Momentum Workshop & Paris Planning Meeting This Saturday!


This Saturday, October 17th from 3-5pm in Fuller Hall at First Unitarian Church in Downtown Portland.

2015 is on track to be the hottest year in recorded history. Yet momentum is growing to stop this climate change crisis. Political and religious leaders are beginning to get the message—that people like you have been voicing for years.

We’ve had some big wins in the last year – including stopping a fracked propane terminal in Portland, arctic drilling and future city investments in fossil fuels. Now, we’re getting started on a campaign that would stop all new major fossil fuel terminals in Portland.

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naomi“What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?” This is Naomi Klein’s question that she asks in her book This Changes Everything. This quote is the driving theme behind the film adaptation of the same name which had a sold-out showing at the Hollywood Theater in Portland on October 12th.

**Sorry that you missed it? Don’t worry because there’s an encore viewing next week! And even better, we have created a This Changes Everything Reading and Discussion group open to anyone who’s inspired! Please read more for details of both events!**
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Win a Pair of Tickets to the Sold Out Screening of Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis’ Documentary “This Changes Everything”

Missed the opportunity to get tickets to the West Coast premier of This Changes Everything with a special Q&A with Naomi Klein and filmmaker Avi Lewis on October 12th?  Here’s your chance to nab the last available tickets while simultaneously supporting our climate justice work, like our Road through Paris organizing and mobilizing this winter and spring.


1) Make a Donation – $5 per raffle ticket!

Sign up between today and October 1st for a chance to win one of three pairs of tickets!

2) Volunteers- enter to win here!

We will give away one pair of tickets to someone who has participated in 350PDX’s events over the last year. Fill out this FORM to enter. Read more

Me, Mayor Hales and the Race to Save the World

_MG_2709This morning, before Portland Mayor Charlie Hales met with President Obama to discuss his Clean Power Plan, Mayor Hales and I spoke on the phone to talk about climate change, Arctic Drilling, and the need for strong action on climate. It was such an honor that an elected official like Mayor Hales took time out of his busy day to talk with me. Below are the notes I wrote up before our call that outline the conversation we had. I look forward to continuing my relationship with the Mayor to take stronger action on climate and build a just, equitable society for all.

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Rally at City Hall for the Climate Action Plan Vote!

Boy holding world at Salem rally

On June 24th, join faith, environmental, economic justice and neighborhood groups in song and word to celebrate the Climate Action Plan and ask for even more to keep a livable climate in our children’s future.


12:15 pm – People of faith pre-gathering

12:30 pm – Rally at City Hall: Songs, words, street theatre

1:30 pm – Testimony (3 minute) sign up and procession into City Hall Chambers.

2 pm to 5 pm – Council hearing and decision on the CAP.

Evaluation will follow hearing.

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350PDX Awarded Grant From MRG Foundation

MRGgrantees350PDX has been awarded a $9000 grant from the McKenzie River Gathering Foundation (MRG) for general support to strengthen and support our organization and work. We are proud and grateful to join the family of MRG grantees, all of whom are doing amazing work toward social and climate justice.

MRG’s mission is to inspire people to work together for justice and mobilize resources for Oregon communities as they build collective power to change the world.

MRG Grantmaking decisions are made by a volunteer committee of community organizers. The Grantmaking Committee is made up of people who are directly involved in developing genuine solutions to the complex social justice issues facing their communities and the state. This is radically different from traditional philanthropy. Grassroots control of funding ensures that funding is directed where it is needed most.

Many key members of 350PDX worked together to achieve this award:  Adriana and Bernadette wrote the grant with support from Doug. Mia, Danny, and Sandy traveled to Eugene to make a presentation about 350PDX before the grant-making committee and other grantees.