Pressure Oregon Department of Forestry to Take Climate Action

Forest with rays of sun filtering through

Did you know that the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) oversees 10 million acres of forests that can act as a major carbon sink? The Coast Range and Western Cascade forests have some of the highest potential for carbon storage in the world, and they filter our drinking water too. But industrial forestry is limiting carbon storage and polluting drinking water across Oregon.

Unfortunately, ODF’s current leadership is skirting its responsibilities to communities and future generations by doing everything possible to make it easy for the timber industry to liquidate these forests. As reported by Pro-Publica and Oregon Public Broadcasting, Wall Street executives have bought up most of Oregon’s private forests and benefit from weak laws and tax breaks that leave the public to shoulder the costs of industrial logging. Timber interests are even using a tax-funded public relations firm, known as OFRI, to promote the agenda of big timber.


The Oregon Department of Forestry must  do better. Recently, Oregon’s Governor signed a Climate Executive Order that seeks to combat climate change in part by protecting more forests. Unfortunately, in its initial response to the Executive Order, Oregon’s State Forester argued for business-as-usual. We need real leadership at the Oregon Department of Forestry, an agency that is charged with the important responsibility of protecting clean water, critical habitat, and healthy forests for our communities. It is time for the Board of Forestry and the State Forester to step up to this task.

What can you do? Oregon needs new leadership to address climate change, wildfire, and the 21st century challenges we now face in the era of climate change. ODF is failing to balance the numerous ecosystem benefits that our forests provide and is instead clinging to outdated and destructive practices and resisting meaningful efforts to combat climate change. The current climate crisis requires departure from business as usual, and yet ODF’s current management plan reflects the same short-rotation, clearcut-style practices that continue to undermine ecosystem stability and our region’s natural climate solution: healthy forests.

Take action. It’s time for a change in the leadership of the Oregon Department of Forestry. Write to the Oregon Board of Forestry, responsible for overseeing ODF and ask them to ensure ODF is doing all that it can to protect our watersheds and climate from unregulated industrial forestry.

Take Action – send to:

Oregon Department of Forestry works for you.

Dear Chair Imeson and Board Members:

I am writing today about the lack of balance at the Oregon Department of Forestry and the failure of ODF’s leadership on the climate crisis. Oregon is home to some of the most biomass-rich in the world. They can store more carbon than nearly any other ecosystem on the planet and provide critical services such as filtering drinking water for our communities. Yet, there is strong timber industry-backed resistance to a transition to climate-smart forestry grounded in strong science.

Oregonians need ODF to demonstrate bold leadership to address climate change, wildfire, and other 21st century challenges. It is up to the Board to ensure that this happens – not just for today but for future generations that will inherit the outcomes of the decisions that we make today.

Please use your oversight role to ensure that ODF faithfully implements the spirit and intent of Executive Order 20-04 and commits to a management system that prioritizes long-term carbon storage and climate adaptability for Oregon’s forestlands. As was made clear in the recent letter from the Governor’s office, ODF has yet to propose any meaningful action to implement the EO.

Business as usual is not an option.  We urge you to insist that the State Forester lead on addressing climate change. In order to meet 21st challenges – such as climate change, drought, and wildfire – Oregon needs a Department of Forestry that adheres to the best available science and demonstrates bold and timely leadership. Please ensure that ODF is up to the challenge.

Thank you for your service to Oregon’s forests and communities.

Chris, 350PDX Volunteer & Communications Manager
Felice & Leslie, 350PDX Forest Defense 

The Fossil Fuel Industry Will Not Grow in the City of Portland

ffp-code-nov10-7-705x470After the second of two public hearings, Portland City Council is poised to set a historic national precedent by halting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and prohibiting new fossil fuel terminals as well as expansions of existing facilities within Portland. At Wednesday’s hearing, Council members voted 3-0 on amendments that further restrict fossil fuel infrastructure. While the final vote is scheduled for December 8, the Council made its intentions clear today: the fossil fuel industry will not grow in the City of Portland. The vote was met with a standing ovation from enthusiastic community members who were instrumental in shaping this proposal over the last year.

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In Solidarity with Women Everywhere

350PDX is joining climate justice groups across the Pacific Northwest in making statements supporting the women in our movement who are facing sexual harassment and other forms of gender based discrimination and violence.

Earlier this summer, an incredible movement organizer Zarna Joshi was sexually harassed while working on the “Block the Bunker” campaign in Seattle. She called her harasser out loudly, and was then intimidated by the law enforcement present into not reporting him. Since then, videos of the incident have been shared widely on social media, and Zarna has been subjected to an astonishing amount of stalking, death threats, rape threats, and further harassment over the internet, via phone and mail, and in person. Unfortunately, this type of thing is all too common. Read more

PDX Final Hearing to Ban Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

Portland has the chance to prohibit all new fossil fuel terminals and require our existing facilities to make much needed seismic safety improvements.

On Thursday, November 10th, The Portland City Council will hold the final public hearing on the fossil fuel zoning code changes that could legally prohibit new fossil fuel terminals in the City of Portland! Please attend (wearing red!) and testify to support the strongest fossil fuel code changes possible.

WHAT: Final Hearing to Ban Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
WHEN: Tuesday November 10th. Hearing 2-5PM, Rally 1:15.
WHERE: Portland City Hall (1221 SW 4th Avenue)
RSVP: Online or via Facebook.

Why does this matter? Fossil fuels are inherently unsafe throughout their entire lifecycle from extraction to combustion. In order to prevent uncontrollable catastrophic climate change, we need to prohibit ALL NEW FOSSIL FUEL PROJECTS and begin a managed decline of our existing fossil fuel facilities.

Huge thanks to all the groups working on this including, Portland Audubon, Columbia Riverkeeper, Climate Action Coalition, Friends of the Columbia Gorge, OR Physicians for Social Responsibility, Center for Sustainable Economy, the Sierra Club and more!

Visualizing data for activism

The Tactical Technology Collective is creating great resources for data visualization in advocacy. These are great tools in the fight for climate justice and social justice.




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Cowspiracy Film Review

Hi, my name is Miko Vergun and I am the editorial intern at 350PDX. A few facts about me: I teach myself how to play piano, ukulele, guitar, and dance. I am also 15 years old. This year, I get to do many other things at 350PDX but my main job is watching movies and writing film reviews. This is part of my job because I am trying to find out what are the right movies to engage more people especially youth, in this movement. Since it is my job to write film reviews, I will always find good points to write about. However, it is also my job to be honest, so I will also have something to criticize. Just to reassure you guys, I will do my best to not come off as attacking the director(s) or the movie.

Anyways, the first movie that I am doing a film review oncowspiracy is called Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, directed by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn. For those who don’t know, Cowspiracy is a documentary focusing on exposing the harm of livestock agriculture. To be honest, I didn’t really like it. Personally, I would give it a 4 out of 10. I don’t really want to recommend it to anyone because of the way the director’s opinions were displayed, but I’ll go into that later. Read more

Southwest Team Picnic

DSC_0832 On Sunday evening, July 17th, the 350pdx Southwest Neighborhood Team partnered with Southwest HOPE (Heal Our Planet Earth) to hold a Team Picnic at Gabriel Park.  350pdx has 5 neighborhood teams across Portland that each work to strengthen local communities’ efforts towards reaching a fossil fuel- free future.  We want you to join us!  You can contact the neighborhood team in your area here.  The SW Neighborhood Team is currently working to encourage participation in the FFRN demonstration on the 23rd, the last Tesoro-Savage Testimony on July 29th, and the Capping Carbon Campaign.

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Portland’s Worst Polluters Bike Ride

DSC_0227On Wednesday evening, June 29th, Neighbors for Clean Air (NCA) partnered with 350pdx to put together a narrated bike tour of Portland’s worst air polluters. On their website, NCA posted recent news sharing that air in parts of Southeast and North Portland contain alarming levels of cadmium and arsenic, elements known to cause cancer. For this reason, they work to inform the public of the health issues caused by Portland’s toxic air, as well as work with public officials to promote stricter regulations and policies that improve air quality.

Nicholas Caleb, the NCA staff attorney, led a group of bikers from the Hawthorne Bridge to or near major sources of air pollution in Portland. Read more