Press Release: May 1st Day of Action Calling out the PBA

Say “No!” PBA! by Wally Shriner

Over 60 people lined entrances to the Convention Center to greet attendees of the Portland Business Alliance’s (PBA) Annual Meeting. Signs and leaflets informed members that PBA has endorsed the Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove fracked gas plant in Southern Oregon. Read more

It’s Not Goodbye, It’s “See Ya Later!”

In Spring 2015, when I began talking to the volunteer leadership of 350PDX about becoming their first paid staff person, I never could have dreamed of the amazing work we would all do together. As I wrap up my time as paid staff for 350PDX and get ready for new adventures, I’m nearly speechless thinking about how we – in a very real way – helped stop new fossil fuel infrastructure projects, kept fossil fuels in the ground, and opened the door for a just transition to 100% renewable energy.

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We’re Recruiting Interns for Summer 2018!

Come fight for climate justice with 350PDX this summer!

Love the climate? Passionate about environmental justice? Come intern with 350PDX this summer!

We’re recruiting two volunteer interns for this summer (flexible start date of Monday, June 4th). They will help with development and fundraising at 350PDX, as well as community and campaign organizing.

Read on for more info about these opportunities!

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April Climate Science Round-Up

In this month’s climate science round-up, we learn about the latest research on the effects of past deforestation on the climate, a mutant enzyme that can eat plastic, and why natural gas is not so clean after all. Read more

Art Team – April 2018 Update

350PDX Art Team is between projects, waiting for the PCEF campaign to announce what sort of material design is needed for that action. In the meantime, we are experimenting with large puppet making using paper mâché. On Saturday, April 28th we will have a small Team workshop, lunch, and meeting to hone our skills in order to present and facilitate a larger workshop for many people to attend later. Read more

Event Recap: NW Climate Arts Organizer Convergence

Last November, twenty arts leaders from climate organizations across Oregon and Washington met for a two-day workshop presented by David Solnit, the lead arts organizer for, at the Center of Equity and Inclusion in Portland. At the workshop, 350PDX members practiced making flags and banners, large and small, via silk screen and hand painting. Mary Rose introduced the art and science of making a flash mob, and Barbara Ford shared expertise and led a discussion about how to use songs and chants specifically designed for parades and actions. Read more

Blocking the Gates to Puget Sound Energy’s LNG #nolng253

People up and down the West Coast of the US and Canada are taking direct action and uniting against the fossil fuel industry’s contribution to climate change and continued destruction of the land, air, and water.

Today, about 250 people arrived at 6AM on Puyallup Tribal lands (with an invitation) and have been blocking three gates to a construction site at Puget Sound Energy’s Tacoma Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility.

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College Divestment Update 2017

The fossil fuel divestment campaigns at our local colleges have been on a roll! In May, the Board of Directors at Portland Community College passed a resolution that makes them the first 2-year college in the state of Oregon to commit to fossil fuels divestment. The college does not currently hold any investments in coal, oil or natural gas companies, but the new policy ensures that college funds will not be invested in these companies in the future. Read more

Personal Divestment… And You

You want your investments in line with your values. You’ve got some stocks, some mutual funds, some bonds. You bought them, inherited them, married them; your boss buys them for you. You’ve been saving for retirement, plan to retire or are retired.*

You know you should be divested from fossil fuels. You know the fossil fuel divestment movement is the fasting growing divestment movement ever. You know it shames and reduces the political power of the fossil fuel companies. Read more

Hurricane Harvey and the Future of Oregon’s Rural Counties

The beginning of the year’s above average precipitation began in the Southeast corner of the state in some of its most rural counties

Flooding in Oregon in early 2017 damaged many rural roads. Hurricane Harvey is expected to do the same in Texas; dumping an additional 1-3 feet of rain in the days after 2.5 feet of rain had already fallen in the first three days of the storm. Harvey previews future flood-problems for Oregon’s rural roads, while also lending  insight into how simple things such as simply being more careful with one another can save as many lives as rebuilding the physical infrastructure that connects us.

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