Launching the Pledge of Action

I’ve been reading a lot recently about the ‘cycle of momentum.’ It’s the idea that social movements grow in waves in a three step process that cycles and repeats: Act-Recruit-Train.

Moments like Friday’s Climate Strike are big moments of action, where the spotlight is on us and tons of new people are getting interested in the movement. One purpose of mass action like this is to put pressure on our politicians to meet our demands. But another purpose is to use the excitement of mass action to recruit lots of new people to the movement.

Once those people are recruited, we need to absorb them into the movement and give them the training opportunities so that they can thrive as activists. That’s how we build up momentum for the next wave of action, where we can recruit even more people into the movement, and the cycle continues.

You can get build your movement skills this June, when I’m putting on 4 trainings: People Power 101; Climate Justice 101; Having Climate Conversations; Finding your Place in the Movement – register and more info here.

But today I’m focusing on the recruit part of the ‘cycle of momentum.’

Introducing our brand new recruiting tool: the Pledge of Action!

It’s a simple tool, really. We’re just asking folks what types of action they want to take, and how they want to be contacted about it. It’s useful for us (a list of 100 people excited about phonebanking can be more useful than a list of 6,000 people who mostly are not excited about phonebanking), and it’s useful to you (if you only want to be texted about kayaktivism actions, and nothing else, you can choose that!).

Take the Pledge of Action!

Here are the actions in the pledge:

  • Protesting in-person – to rallies, marches, picket lines…
  • At home actions – signing petitions, calling your reps, writing letters to the editor…
  • Phonebanking – at group phonebanks with pizza, or do at home yourself
  • Outreach – tabling, flyering, doorknocking, talking to your neighbors…
  • Kayaktivism – doing actions on the river
  • Join a team and become an organizer – a consistent volunteer role, 2-10 hours/week, working on campaign strategy, planning actions, managing volunteers, etc.
  • Join the community – we go to the pub, have potlucks, hikes, poetry nights, talk about big ideas, process climate emotions together, both in-person and online
  • Take a Nonviolent Direct Action training

And you can choose whether you want to be emailed, texted, or join our new (and not yet launched) 350PDX Slack workspace.

So please go ahead and take the Pledge of Action and forward this email to folks who are interested in taking climate action, but not might not necessarily be interested in joining the general 350PDX mailing list.

Announcing our June Training Series


These trainings are open to anyone, and are aimed at giving people to skills to thrive as climate justice activists, whether that is within 350PDX or in the broader movement. All trainings on Zoom.

350PDX Volunteer Orientation – Wed June 1, 6-7.45PM – register here


People Power 101 – Tues June 7, 6-7PM – register here
350PDX is all about using people power to fight for climate justice. In this training we’ll dive into what exactly people power means, how we build it, and how we use it.


Climate Justice 101 – Mon June 13, 6-7PM – register here
350PDX is all about using people power to fight for climate justice. In this training we’ll dive into what exactly climate justice means, and what fighting for it actually looks like.


Having Climate Conversations – Tues June 21, 6-7PM – register here
Talking to our friends and families about climate change can sometimes be rewarding and cathartic, but often it can be just the opposite. In this short training we’ll explore some ways to go about having conversations about climate justice with the people in our lives.


Finding your Place in the Movement – Thu June 30, 6-7PM – register here
There are a thousand different roles in the climate justice movement, whether within 350PDX, at another organization, or in your community. This training will explore the different ways and share tips and tools to figure out what your role can be.