Fossil Fuel Policy Testimony at City Council

On July 13th, 2016, Mia Reback and Nick Caleb testified at City Council on the proposed draft code regulations as put forth by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. The draft falls far short of the intent of the resolution banning new fossil fuel infrastructure as passed by City Council last November. Here is the video of their testimony:

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To Stop Oil Trains, I Spent My Honeymoon in Jail

Mosier Solidarity-34

It was a few days after my wedding. I was supposed to be honeymooning at a nearby winery with my newly minted husband, celebrating our unlikely marriage at age 55.

Instead, I was sitting on the railroad tracks in the pouring rain. Along with 20 other brave souls, some weeping, some singing, I was facing down a locomotive in a town — Vancouver, Washington — that many fear will be forced to accept the largest oil-by-rail terminal in the country.

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Mosier Solidarity Rail Blockade

Mosier Solidarity-7On June 18th over 100 activists joined together to stop rail traffic in Vancouver, WA in protest of the continued dangerous oil-by-rail shipments. 21 courageous people, dubbed the Vancouver 21, were arrested after blocking the tracks for over three hours. Among those arrested were 350 PDX leaders Adriana, Bernadette, Barbara and David.

At the pre-action gathering point, the Fire Chief of Mosier spoke to the crowd to get people hyped to resist oil-by-rail. From there everyone made their way to the tracks and gathered in a large circle spanning all the rail lines. There were a variety of colorful banners and signs. Then everyone sat down and a megaphone was at hand for people to come up and speak. Person after person stood up and spoke beautifully of their concerns for the environment, the safety of those who live near the passing oil trains and why they were occupying the tracks. There were teachers, some folks from Mosier and surrounding areas, and people of all ages. Read more

Longview Sees Red

20160524_133050_001Longview, Washington was a sea of red yesterday.  Hundreds of us made the trip to the public hearing to show our opposition to the Millennium coal export terminal proposal.  The Washington Department of Ecology and Cowlitz County recently released their Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the project, and while we don’t think it goes far enough to assess the negative impacts of the project, the EIS does highlight the enormous emissions it would produce.

There are two more hearings left

  • Spokane, WA on Thursday May 26th 1:00-9:00pm
  • Pasco, WA on Thursday June 2nd 1:00-9:00pm

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350PDX Testimony on the Comprehensive Plan Amendments

IMG_1297350PDX Staffer Mia Reback delivered testimony to the Portland City Council on April 27th about the Comprehensive Plan.

“Thank you City Council. My name is Mia Reback and I am here today to speak on behalf of 350PDX, The Center for the Sustainable Economy, and the Climate Action Coalition in support of amendments #P43 and #P56 to add policies to reduce carbon emissions and limit fossil fuel distribution to the comprehensive plan.

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Support Climate Policies in the The City’s Comprehensive Plan!

Attachment-1What’s the Comprehensive Plan?

The City of Portland is updating its 2035 Comprehensive Plan, a long-range 20-year plan that sets the framework for the physical development of the city. Four years in the making, City Council will adopt the plan on June 15th. Unlike many other plans, Comprehensive Plans are legally binding plans required by Oregon land use law. The 2035 plan provides a host of policies and tools that will be necessary in ensuring a just transition from the fossil fuel economy.

Comp Plan Amendments:

Mayor Hales is proposing amendments to add the fossil fuel policy and climate action into the City’s Comprehensive Plan! Now we just need to show our support to make sure they get added into the final Comp Plan.

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Come to Anacortes in Mid May…Because Business As Usual Is Killing Us

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 9.46.15 PMWe know the basics. Our relentless consumption of fossil fuels is killing our planet’s ability to sustain us. We can make personal choices to reduce our own consumption, and that is meaningful. We can be hopeful when we read optimistic forecasts about alternative energy, and that’s reasonable.

But the bottom line is that, on our current trajectory, we are headed toward climate catastrophe. And who knows why — but the fossil fuel industry and those who profit from it seem not overly concerned.

That’s why people all over the world this May are stepping out and stepping up to confront the fossil fuel industry where it lives.

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This May: Break Free From Fossil Fuels

“We are in a kind of climate emergency now” [1]

We have to stay below 1.5°C of warming to avoid radical climate destabilization. No current policies keep us anywhere near this goal: we’re barreling towards double that, leaving us with a broken world. This has to change, and we have to lead. We have to Break Free from Fossil Fuels.

Break Free From Fossil Fuels is a global climate movement initiative to shut down the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects and support the most ambitious climate solutions.

In the Pacific Northwest, we’re breaking free by taking on the Pacific Northwest’s biggest carbon bomb: the Shell and Tesoro refineries at March Point in northern Washington. The Shell and Tesoro refineries combined are the largest unaddressed point source of carbon pollution in the Northwest and refine 47% of all the gas and diesel consumed in the region; they are an integral part of the system that we must change—within years, not decades.

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Stop the Kalama Gas-to-Methanol Refinery!

kalamaA massive gas-to-methanol refinery is threatening the Columbia River. On March 22, we need you to attend a public hearing on the Northwest Innovation Works’ methanol refinery proposal. This project would become the largest industrial consumer of natural gas in Cowlitz County.

Read more about Fracked Fuel and Petrochemical Proposals in the Northwest.

The draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is already out and the public hearing is on March 22 at Kalama High from 6:00-9:00PM. It’s not too late to learn the facts and participate.

Join us at a community informational meeting on Sunday, March 20, at the Veterans of Foreign Wars building in downtown Kalama from 4:30-6:00PM.

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FERC Puts the Kibosh on Jordan Cove LNG Terminal and Pacific Connector Pipeline

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.59.06 AMAmazing!

Climate activists and the broader public won a dramatic victory on Friday, March 11, when the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) denied permits for the Jordan Cove liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal in the International Port of Coos Bay, Oregon, and for the Pacific Gas Connector pipeline that would have transported the LNG under 230 miles of public and private lands and streams.

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