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Citizen Groups Vow to Keep Pushing For Fossil Fuel Policy in Portland: LUBA’s Decision Upholds Challenge

July 19, 2017 (Salem, OR) – Today, the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) ruled that Portland’s Fossil Fuel Terminal Zoning Amendments, passed unanimously in December of 2016, is inconsistent with the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Portland’s fossil fuel policy intended to prevent new major fossil fuel infrastructure projects in the City. LUBA dismissed many of the other arguments brought by the oil industry and the Portland Business Alliance against the City’s policy. LUBA’s ruling is likely to be appealed to the State Court of Appeals.

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Oregonians tell PGE to abandon the expansion of the Carty Generating Plant

We can no longer deny climate change. We know that there are solutions to our fossil fuel dependency. These changes will mean transforming our energy system. – Liz Trojan

This past December, PGE filed for an amended site certificate that would permit them to build two new natural gas power plants at the Carty Generating Plant in Boardman, OR. The Energy Facility Siting Commission (EFSC) has to grant the site certificate in order for PGE to begin construction.

We asked the community to tell PGE how they felt about the request and how expanding the capacity of the plant to use dirty fossil fuels would affect them. The response we got was overwhelming.

Over 300 concerned community members told 350PDX how they felt. Their appeals to PGE were personal, well-informed, and got straight to the point – Oregonians value the PNW’s natural environment and they want to protect it.

Here are just a few comments that articulated exactly how Oregonians feel about PGE’s request:

As a Portland resident, I do not want to have coal fired power replaced with gas. We should replace Boardman’s output with a combination of renewable energy and storage. Please deny this application. – – Concerned Community Member

We should be planning for the future in reality by transitioning to green energy, not more fossil fuel infrastructure. Our future depends on it! – Phyllis Richardson

Please consider the future impact of natural gas use and production. There is plenty of evidence already —despite attempts to cover it up—that it destroys precious water supplies that are likely impossible to restore. It is already an agreed upon fact that fossil fuel use has caused, and will continue to cause, climate change. “Natural” gas is NOT ecologically friendly and never will be again. Let us use the resources for building this plant and instead build clean energy facilities that will not only actually be useful in the future, but will help ensure our future. Thank you for reading and please consider the future of our species. – Joe Anderson

Oregonians care about their communities and the environment. They believe gas and electric companies must be held accountable for their actions and consider the impact they have on the environment and communities they operate in. I, along with countless Portland residents, call upon the EFSC to deny PGE’s application for the proposed expansion of natural gas-fired power plants at the Carty Generating Station.

UPDATE: In March, due to public pressure from people like you, PGE suspended their requests for permits for two fracked gas plants (Carty Generating Plants 2 and 3 in Boardman, 150 miles east of Portland.) They are considering other sources of energy including renewables, natural gas and hydro contracts, and the purchase of an existing natural gas plant. We need to keep a close eye on them, the fight over the Carty Generating Plants isn’t quite over! Add your name to stop the Carty gas plants by adding a comment through our comment form.

Good News! PGE publicly supported the city of Portland’s and Multnomah County’s new 100% renewable resolutions passed June 1, the day Trump announced his plans to withdraw from the Paris agreement. These resolutions take a strong position against new gas-fired power plants and other fossil fuel infrastructure, and are considered a model for other cities around the country.

Put August 8th on your calendar for one last public hearing in Salem at 9:30 AM before the Public Utility Commission. More information to follow.

Are you passionate about saving our environment? Fill out a volunteer form here to get involved in the work 350PDX is doing to halt climate change in its tracks.

Written by: Nicole Metildi

“Filming the Fossil Fuel Resistance” with Portland EcoFilm Festival

On April 27th the Portland EcoFilm Festival presented the fourth installment in its 2017 series to an enthusiastic crowd at Hollywood Theater. The “Filming the Fossil Fuel Resistance” event offered a sneak peek at the upcoming documentary The Reluctant Radical about climate activist and valve-turner Ken Ward, followed by a panel discussion with Ward himself, the film’s creators Lindsey Grayzel and Deia Schlosberg, and Grayzel’s attorney Braden Pence. Proceeds from the event go to support post-production efforts on The Reluctant Radical.

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Rally for Renewables at PGE’s Annual Shareholders Meeting!!

The rally and flash mob!

At 9am on April 29th, the top decision makers of Portland General Electric showed up at the World Trade Center for their Annual Shareholders Meeting to discuss, the opportunity to lock Portland into generating our power with fracked gas for 30 years. Imagine the shareholders’ surprise when they arrived and, instead of casually filing into the building, walked straight into a flash mob. As part of the Rally for Renewables, Portlanders bearing wind turbines and carrying sunflower umbrellas burst into a choreographed number: “Why, PGE?”, to the tune of Village People’s classic “YMCA”,” singing and dancing like their lives depended on it. Probably because our future does depend on this. Read more

Rally and Lobby Day in Salem for the Clean Energy and Jobs Bill

On March 23rd over 300 activists rallied on the steps of the Capitol in support of the Clean Energy and Jobs Bill, SB 557. Senator Michael Dembrow, chair of the Senate’s Natural Resources and Environment Committee spoke to the gathered activists and encouraged us to let our legislators know that we care deeply about the need to put a price on carbon pollution. He said that leadership on the climate in Oregon is more important than ever as climate deniers have taken on key roles throughout the Executive Branch and Congress too is controlled by climate deniers.

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Audio: Bridge to Disaster – Resisting Fracked Gas in the PNW

On Feburary 23, 2017 organizers from a number of climate/social action organizations (listed below) joined forces to promote resistance to fracked methane being implemented as a fuel source for our local power grid, as well as for export to foreign markets. Methane – a greenhouse gas with 86 times the heat trapping potential of carbon – is being extracted from shale fields throughout the country with leaks are occurring regularly.

The technology already exists to transition to 100% renewable energy sources, however the incentive to do so for utility companies is lacking due to the reduced profit margins for shareholders.

PGE plans to build 2 new natural gas power plants at the Carty Boardman site using primarily fracked methane as their fuel source. Natural gas is being promoted as a cleaner bridge fuel to the future, however it is merely just another fossil fuel with a myriad of public health threats. Read more

Speaking Up Against The Carty Gas Plants

On February 23rd, some fellow Sierra Club members trekked out to Cousins’ Country Inn in The Dalles.  The Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC) was holding one of their regular meetings where they discuss and eventually vote on which sites are granted the right to produce energy.  Thus, they can either approve or deny the Carty/Boardman gas plants.  Although the Carty gas plants were not on the agenda, public comment (of any sort) was – and thus a few of us wanted to voice our concerns with the proposed PGE gas plants.

The meeting took place in a small conference room, thus it was a very intimate setting.  One very significant bit of information was gifted to us at the very beginning of the meeting.  Very briefly, the secretary of the council informed the other council members that they received a complaint from the contractor that installed the initial gas plant pipes – which has been up and running since July 2016. Read more

Zombie Pipeline: Stop the Pacific Connector Pipeline to the Jordan Cove LNG terminal

We have an opportunity to stop the Pacific Connector Pipeline from going through 30 miles of public Forest Service lands to feed the Jordan Cove LNG terminal. Pacific Connector wants to clear cut a 100′ wide swath through some of our most important wildlife reserves in the Winema, Rogue, and Umpqua National Forests.

Even though the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) denied this project last December, the Forest Service wants to give a “Special Use Permit” to allow Pacific Connector to continue doing work on the route, like surveying for rare species which will help them circumvent the Endangered Species Act by getting a permit to “take” endangered species in the way of their pipeline.

If the Forest Service gives Pacific Connector a Special Use Permit (SUP), even after the pipeline has been denied, it will make it that much easier for Pacific Connector to come back from the dead.

The Forest Service is asking you for your opinion on this SUP before February 13… only a few days away, so please write today.

Email your comments to: Read talking points…

The Fossil Fuel Industry is Fighting Back

Today 350PDX is proud to officially support the efforts of the City of Portland and our allies at Columbia Riverkeeper, Portland Audubon, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility and Center for Sustainable Economy in opposing the industry challenge to the fossil fuel terminal ban.

Want to take action to protect the fossil fuel infrastructure ban?

Call the office of Ted Wheeler and let his office know you support The City of Portland doing everything it can to defend the Fossil Fuel Terminal Zoning Code Amendments.

Call Ted Wheeler at: 503-823-4120
Email Ted Wheeler at:

Read our joint press release and visit the web page on the LUBA appeal for more info. Read more

2017 Climate Change Fight Starts Early

In 2017, the fight against climate change starts early. Read more to find out how you can help.

Proposed location of Portland General Electric (PGE)’s new Carty natural gas facility near Boardman, Oregon

Portland General Electric (PGE) is requesting an amendment from the Oregon Department of Energy to expand its Carty natural gas plant. The plant is located near Boardman, Oregon. Comments on this proposal are due by February 3, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. (see details below). Why should we care? The natural gas plants will emit a lot of greenhouse gasses! Natural gas is not a clean bridge fuel and we need to keep it in the ground.

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