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The Facts about the Proposed LNG Terminal in Southern Oregon

Supporters of a proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal in Oregon are at it again, hoping the third time’s a charm. Twice, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has ruled that Jordan Cove is not in the public interest. Now, FERC is stacked with Trump appointees. Could the already rejected terminal and Pacific Connector natural gas pipeline be headed for approval? There are plenty of reasons why this project would be a bad deal for Oregon and the climate. Read more

Putting a Price on Greenhouse Gases in Oregon: an Update

Great progress was made in the short Legislative session. Portland is lucky to have as climate champions in the Oregon Legislature, Senator Michael Dembrow, and Representative Ken Helm who have moved the Clean Energy Jobs bill ever closer to the finish line. Below is a quote from Sen. Dembrow that summarizes well where things stand now:

“The 2018 Legislative Session generated the kind of grassroots support we’ve been dreaming of for years. We had another incredible round of hearings early in the session with an enormous amount of outside advocacy, including more than 500 Oregonians from all over the state descending on the Capitol for a lobby day on February 12. Oregon’s tribes voted to support the legislation and came to the Capitol to show support. Nike formally joined the business organizations supporting the legislation, as have many other Oregon businesses and farms. Scores of high school students and even younger children have been roaming the halls calling on us as adults to take action to secure a better future for them and their peers.”

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Press Release: May 1st Day of Action Calling out the PBA

Say “No!” PBA! by Wally Shriner

Over 60 people lined entrances to the Convention Center to greet attendees of the Portland Business Alliance’s (PBA) Annual Meeting. Signs and leaflets informed members that PBA has endorsed the Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove fracked gas plant in Southern Oregon. Read more

Action Alert from Stop Fracked Gas/PDX

The Portland Business Alliance (PBA) sent a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) endorsing the Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline and the Jordan Cove LNG project proposal. They are expecting 1200 attendees at their Annual Meeting on May 1st. This event will be one of the region’s largest gatherings of business professionals and civic leaders in 2018, and we need to be outside protesting as they come into the Oregon Convention Center. They are honoring their outgoing President and CEO, Sandra McDonough, the very same person who signed the letter to the FERC in February. Read more

Pacific Power’s Dirty Secret

Over 500,000 Oregonians buy energy from Pacific Power that is mostly generated from coal. And Pacific Power wants to keep it that way.

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Don’t frack with me: How to stop the Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline

The Jordan Cove Methane Monster

Imagine that in 40 years’ time you are hiking the Eagle Creek trail with your favorite children and teens. It is 85 degrees in early March, and you remember a time when temperatures were much cooler. You think back before greenhouse emissions started to level off, to the fire of 2017. That was the summer of smoke and ash. That’s when Portlanders got a reminder that clean air, never to be taken for granted, can change as quickly as the wind changes direction. The water still falls in cascades in the Gorge, past lichen that grows nowhere else on the planet. Although there are signs of devastation on the trail, you also see abundant green signs of a forest recreating itself.

One of the young people asks you about that year of the fire, the hurricanes, and the floods, when it became so clear that climate disruption was escalating. She says, “People knew about the dangers of fracked gas and methane then, right? Did you know?” She pauses, “What did you do to stop it from coming to Oregon?” Read more

City Council Votes to Defend Fossil Fuel Terminal Ordinance

The Portland City Council voted unanimously to appeal the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) decision to reverse the Fossil Fuel Terminal Ordinance. Check out the short video from the City Council Meeting to hear why the City Attorney and all 5 City Council Members want to appeal the LUBA decision and fight to defend the fossil fuel ordinance.

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Citizen Groups Vow to Keep Pushing For Fossil Fuel Policy in Portland: LUBA’s Decision Upholds Challenge

July 19, 2017 (Salem, OR) – Today, the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) ruled that Portland’s Fossil Fuel Terminal Zoning Amendments, passed unanimously in December of 2016, is inconsistent with the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Portland’s fossil fuel policy intended to prevent new major fossil fuel infrastructure projects in the City. LUBA dismissed many of the other arguments brought by the oil industry and the Portland Business Alliance against the City’s policy. LUBA’s ruling is likely to be appealed to the State Court of Appeals.

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Oregonians tell PGE to abandon the expansion of the Carty Generating Plant

We can no longer deny climate change. We know that there are solutions to our fossil fuel dependency. These changes will mean transforming our energy system. – Liz Trojan

This past December, PGE filed for an amended site certificate that would permit them to build two new natural gas power plants at the Carty Generating Plant in Boardman, OR. The Energy Facility Siting Commission (EFSC) has to grant the site certificate in order for PGE to begin construction.

We asked the community to tell PGE how they felt about the request and how expanding the capacity of the plant to use dirty fossil fuels would affect them. The response we got was overwhelming.

Over 300 concerned community members told 350PDX how they felt. Their appeals to PGE were personal, well-informed, and got straight to the point – Oregonians value the PNW’s natural environment and they want to protect it.

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“Filming the Fossil Fuel Resistance” with Portland EcoFilm Festival

On April 27th the Portland EcoFilm Festival presented the fourth installment in its 2017 series to an enthusiastic crowd at Hollywood Theater. The “Filming the Fossil Fuel Resistance” event offered a sneak peek at the upcoming documentary The Reluctant Radical about climate activist and valve-turner Ken Ward, followed by a panel discussion with Ward himself, the film’s creators Lindsey Grayzel and Deia Schlosberg, and Grayzel’s attorney Braden Pence. Proceeds from the event go to support post-production efforts on The Reluctant Radical.

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