350PDX Pipe Dreams: Welcome to Portland’s Community Sustenance Program

Written by Kayleigh

Congratulations! The Portland Community Sustenance Program has accepted your application to become a Local Gastronomic Pioneer. As an Early-Adopter, you will be able to sample the freshest local ingredients and create new and tantalizing dishes to share with your fellow citizens.

As you know, the U.S. government passed the People Over Profits Act (POP Act) three and a half years ago in an attempt to combat climate disruption. The POP Act reduced the working day to 6 hours, increased minimum wage, and instituted a Universal Basic Income along with universal healthcare. By focusing on well-being instead of arbitrary measures of economic growth, we were able to significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Life expectancy is already on the rise and overall health and happiness are skyrocketing. With more free time, many in our community have turned to gardening and small-scale farming. These local farms and the eateries they support have further reduced our state’s greenhouse gas emissions, and our now overstocked kitchens have led to some amazing community potlucks, pop-up diners, and three new Michelin-starred restaurants.

That’s where you come in: with all this mouth-watering local bounty, people are rediscovering the flavors of the Pacific Northwest! Your expertise in crafting classics like vichyssoise with spiraled nettle crème, garlic-roasted Jerusalem artichokes, and huckleberry parfait cheesecake will help our community continue to thrive on local, seasonal foods.

Twice a month, you will host a community dinner at one of the city’s newly planted parks and share your culinary discoveries. Aside from semimonthly dinners, your work schedule is up to you. We never ask for overtime and per the POP Act, we fully support working from home. Your kitchen is where you create best — let it be your muse! We also have a number of community kitchens available if you need special equipment or simply want to collaborate with one of your fellow Gastronomic Pioneers. Your local Community Sustenance team lead can provide you with any ingredients you need, or we can provide you with a stipend to use at your preferred farmers’ markets and co-ops.

We look forward to tasting your creations. Thank you for serving your city, and welcome to the most delectable team in Portland!

Pipe Dreams is a series from 350PDX that imagines a better future for our planet. Read more at https://350pdx.org/pipe-dreams/ .

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