Climate Odyssey Program – Growing Our Community As We Work for Climate Justice

How are we doing?

The news is a barrage of outrageous political acts and disturbing compliance in the face of injustice. Facts are considered elitist and optional. Profiteers are driving the political process globally and locally. The arctic is melting, drought and floods create chaos and famine and migration and wars. Houselessness grows in our city. Racism and xenophobia continues to traumatize our neighbors and friends. Read more

The Climate Odyssey- a new offering to support community resilience

The work for climate justice, and indeed for all forms of justice, is an ongoing journey, and includes many adventures, triumphs, obstacles, and losses. The increasing knowledge about the consequences of climate chaos and other environmental crises of the day takes a toll on our hearts and minds which can lead to overwhelm, despair, grief, and a sense of hopelessness about the future. In order to grow a strong and diverse climate justice movement, these concerns of the heart and spirit need to be addressed, and are a natural part of movement building.

Traditional organizing can have a high rate of intensity and burnout, and many caring people may be reluctant to enter into the fray for a variety of reasons, including time capacity, skills, and the overwhelm of the endless and daunting work ahead.

The Climate Odyssey program addresses these issues by offering experiences, events, and perspectives that acknowledge the complicated and emotionally challenging parts of our work of climate justice. In so doing, it offers support for those already engaged in the work, and opens doors of possibility to those who are not yet active in the movement. The program also aims to grow capacity for effectiveness and ongoing community building and solidarity. Read more