Stop the Plunder of the Philippines! Defend Cordillera!

Stop the Plunder of the Philippines! Defend Cordillera!

September 25, 2020

On this day of global climate action, ICHRP-US and 350PDX join in solidarity with the people of the Cordilleras in the fight against corporate plunder and attacks from President Duterte’s militarized government!

In a recent address to the United Nations, President Duterte boasted of the role of the Philippines in addressing the climate crisis vis a vis the Paris Climate Accord, as the Philippines is on the frontlines of increasing extreme weather events each year. Duterte’s remarks on the climate crisis serve as mere posturing, as Duterte has shown he will sell the abundance of natural resources in the Philippines and the ancestral lands of Indigenous people to multinational corporations for the sake of his own profit.

Included in Duterte’s selling of Philippine land is the Cordillera region. For a long time, multinational corporations and the Philipine military have ravaged the Cordilleras with destructive large-scale mining projects, dams, and other energy projects, which have resulted in devastating impacts on indigenous and the livelihood of small farmers. Indigenous peoples’ ancestral lands continue to be treated as a resource base for profit by the State and private corporations at the expense of their self-determination and human rights. Despite the Indigenous communities’ organized opposition against Chevron’s Kalinga Geothermal Project, Duterte has illegally forced this project through Executive Order 30 which threatens massive destruction of the Cordillera people’s land environment.

With the passage of Duterte’s Anti-Terror Law (ATL) in July 2020, the repressive and militarist rule of the Philippine government will only worsen the situation of Cordillera peoples and all land defenders in the Philippines. The ATL is a graveyard for activists and innocent civilians, and a serious threat to ancestral land and resources since it will pave the way for the full implementation of destructive projects like large-scale mining dams.

Despite documentation of state sanctioned violence, including the shooting of Chinese American Brandon Lee in August 2019, the US continues to enable these fascistic attacks by providing security assistance to the Duterte government. Since 2016, the US has given a total of 550 million dollars in military aid to the Philippines. The bullet that shot Brandon Lee and paralyzed him from the neck down, and the thousands of bullets that have murdered indigenous peoples fighting for their right to land and self-determination were paid for by US tax dollars.

As state fascism of the Duterte regime and development aggression intensifies amid COVID-19 global health crisis, the Filipino people have not relented in protection of the land and their communities. As environmental, land and climate defenders in the US it is our duty to unite in solidarity with land defenders in the Philippines in their struggle for self-determination and their right to land!

We call on the people of the US to support the Philippine Human Rights Act, and demand our legislators take a stand by suspending security assistance to the Philippines until such time as human rights violations by Philippine security forces cease and the responsible state forces are held accountable. Further, we demand foreign corporations like Chevron to withdraw from these destructive projects that continue without the consent of indigenous people.

Stop corporate plunder of the Philippines! Defend Cordillera! Support the Philippine Human Rights Act!

Endorse the Philippine Human Rights Act:
Join the to the global pact to Defend Cordillera:

Take Action for Forests and Climate

In the aftermath of Oregon’s historic wildfires, we need to defend Oregon’s forests from the claim that the way to reduce fires is widespread heavy logging. Read more about the topic in this letter we sent to Oregon legislators in November 2019. And then take action today!

1. Find your state legislators
– See who your state senator and state representative are, and find their mailing and email addresses here.

2. Write your letter
– Use the talking points below to craft your simple letter. It doesn’t need to be long, but it’s best if you speak from your personal experience and don’t simply copy and paste (as sometimes they’ll filter out or ignore form letters).

Talking Points

  • Share your story, empathize with impacted folks
  • Climate change will make fires more frequent and severe
  • Heavily logged landscapes burn hotter and faster
  • Any bills in response to these fires should focus on safety of residents and communities – emergency response system, retrofitting homes, defensible space around homes, and prescribed burns
  • NOT on backcountry thinning – it does not improve community safety and worsens climate change
  • Sign off with your name and address (to show you‚Äôre a constituent)

3. Send!

Email or mail your letter to you state legislators, and while you’re at it, send to Gov Kate Brown as well using her contact form.

Office of the Governor
900 Court Street, Suite 254
Salem, OR 97301-4047

Advice for showing up to protest

Advice for showing up to protest

*Note* This is advice specifically for attending protests that are likely to escalate with police violence, like many of the Black Lives Matter protests we’ve seen over the past months. We believe that protesting is a human right and should be accessible to all, and so should not require these precautions, however we also don’t want people to get themselves into a bad situation by showing up unprepared.

  • Mask up!
  • Wear a helmet
  • Bring lots of water
  • Bring a buddy, if you can
  • Memorize the two National Lawyers’ Guild hotlines, or write it on your body:
    — (971) 247-1072 if you’re *in* jail
    — (833) 680-1312 if you were released from jail, saw someone get arrested, a friend was arrested, experienced police brutality, or were directly contacted by law enforcement.
  • Don’t film other people’s faces. The cops love to retaliate.

(Lilith Sinclair has a much more thorough protest preparation guide that we highly recommend.)

See a few more resources about what to wear, what apps to use, etc. at this link here.

Video: Keeping Yourself Healthy & Safe at a Protest – Check out this recent recorded training from 350Seattle about Protest Safety ‚ÄĒ How to Keep Yourself and Your Comrades Safe in the Streets

350PDX’s JEDI Plan Launches!

Historically, mainstream narratives around climate change were not about righting its root causes of racial, economic, or social injustice, but the preservation of land/species while maintaining inequitable power structures. Few voices pointed out how the profit-making impulse that extracts value from the earth – and destroys it in the process – is the same impulse that rationalizes the exploitation of Black, Brown, and other historically marginalized communities. Both stem from putting profits before life.

But we are wiser now. We recognize a just, fossil free world hinges on actively dismantling personal, organizational, and systemic oppression. And that vision drives 350PDX’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) work. That is why we are thrilled, after over a year of brainstorming, strategizing, and planning, to be launching our 2020 Р2022 JEDI Plan!A circle of people hold up a pink lotus with the Earth in the center. Justice First reads across the bottom. Art by Celeste Byers ( as part of Amplifier Art.

We invite you to join us on our journey to build an organizational culture and structure that is transparent, inclusive, equitable, and accountable to each other and to those on the frontlines of climate chaos and the industries driving it, because a vision is nothing without action.

Read our JEDI Plan here!

In the past five months 350PDX’s JEDI Committee have created:

  • A staff, Board, and volunteer Code of Conduct & Anti-Discrimination Statement which outlines expectations around anti-oppressive and inclusive behavior
  • A Climate Justice 101 training, part of our upcoming four-part Climate Movement Foundations Training series, and have also integrated climate justice education, why we center frontline community leadership, and other equitable organizing skills into the other three Foundations Trainings
  • A framework for a cohort of team representatives who will dive deeper into JEDI training and understanding to bring this framework into all our teams‚Äô work
  • A Movement Building Plan to make our organizing more accessible by training up volunteers, planning scalable and accessible actions, and finding new ways to support volunteers

We are thrilled to continue this work and use our JEDI Plan as the foundation for our 2021 – 2023 Strategic Planning. This is just the beginning, we know we have a lot more to do. Read about our next steps in the JEDI plan.

Are you excited by the idea of supporting 350PDX to integrate JEDI principles and tactics better into our everyday work? If so, consider joining our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee! We are currently accepting applications. Folks of color, youth, or low-income people strongly encouraged to apply. Get more info and apply here.

Do you believe in a fossil free future which uplifts and centers those most impacted by the effects of climate chaos and the industries causing it?

Please consider supporting our mission by becoming a monthly sustainer or making a one time donation.

Donate here!

Thank you all for the work that you do, be kind to yourself, be kind to each other,
Anais, Barbara, Brooke, Chris, Ellen, Jordan, and Lucy РThe 350PDX JEDI Committee

Being accountable


As many folks and organizations are aware, 350PDX is a white dominant organization, by a large margin. Our mission states that we want to build a movement that is ‚Äúdiverse‚ÄĚ and focused on ‚Äújustice.‚ÄĚ However, in the wake of a national and global outcry around the injustices that are perpetuated on a daily basis against African Americans in this country, we recognize that we have failed to show up and need to do better. The movement building, community organizing and models of activism that fuel our organization are modeled after the Civil Rights Movement, yet we haven‚Äôt put much effort into supporting that continuing battle that is raging right outside our doors.

We need to do better. We need to not just acknowledge that white supremacy culture exists, but do the hard detailed work of eradicating it from within ourselves, our workplace, our organizing teams, our campaigns. To our black and brown volunteers, staff, and partner organizations that we have harmed in our perpetuation of white supremacy cultural norms, we sincerely apologize. We promise to hold ourselves accountable to doing the hard work that needs to be done to dismantle white supremacy and create a safe and just place for you, not just within the 350PDX community or in the climate justice movement, but systemically within our governmental institutions.

Here is what we commit to:

  • What we‚Äôre doing for the moment
    • Continue to share and organize our base behind the demands of black-led local organizations, including to reduce and redistribute the police budget, defund transit police, defund the Gun Violence Reduction Team, and other demands – [take action here]
    • Respect that this is not only one moment, but that the success of the climate movement will always be tied to Black liberation, and our campaigns should be influenced appropriately [more about this connection in this article and this video]
  • What we‚Äôre doing internally
    • Interrogate how anti-Black bias shows up in our staff, board, and volunteer spaces, and prioritize organization-wide training and education on uprooting it
    • Continue to implement our JEDI Plan, but with priority given to holding ourselves accountable to centering frontline leadership & plans for how to carry forward some of the work that we don‚Äôt have the skills to implement
    • Asking all of our teams to examine how white supremacy cultural traits show up in our organization, and uproot them by prioritizing learning/unlearning, training and action
    • Revisiting our values as part of our strategic planning process, recognizing where we‚Äôve erred from them and planning how we can better live them

We are grateful to all those who push us to be better. We know that is hard, exhausting work, and we will live up to the faith you have shown in us. Thank you, and let’s keep up the fight together!

In true solidarity,

Take action NOW to defund the police.

We are in a pivotal and historic moment. 

As we near two full weeks of continual, ever-growing protests locally and around the world against racist police brutality and supporting the Movement for Black Lives, we are now on the cusp of lasting local policy change. Tomorrow, the City of Portland will have a hearing on the new 2021 budget. The following day, Multnomah County will be workshopping their 2021 budget, and then voting on it two weeks from today. Right now is a crucial moment to uplift the demands coming from Black leaders in our community to defund the police and reinvest in communities. 

For every $3 we pay in taxes, $1 goes to the Portland Police Bureau. The result of this egregious funding is seen directly in violence in Black and Brown communities. This is despicable and wrong. Enough is enough. Can you join us in calling and writing to the City and County every single day until these demands are met? We need as many people reaching out as possible to influence the outcome of these budgets.

Call and write to the Mayor & City Council

Call and write to Multnomah County Commissioners

For many of us, particularly white folks who are much less impacted by police violence, we’ve only been exposed to ideas involving gradual police reforms like increasing body cams and police accountability, and so the bolder ideas of defunding and abolishing the police as an institution are fairly new to us.

But Black communities have been demanding governments defund or abolish the police for decades and decades. Listen to Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors explain the importance of this. What was almost unimaginable just a few weeks ago now seems almost inevitable, so long as we can keep the pressure escalating on Mayor Wheeler, City Council members, Multnomah County Commissioners, and other decision makers.

350PDX fully endorses the local demands from Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF) here, and the broader national demands from the Movement for Black Lives here, and we recommend people donate, support, and uplift the powerful demands from these groups.

Yesterday, members of the Minneapolis City Council pledged to vote to disband the police. This is huge, and comes after years of Black-led, grassroots organizing in the city, pushing for this exact demand. When people and movements rise up, eventually politicians have no other choice but to listen. So join us and call and write to the Mayor and City Council and call and write to Multnomah County, and share these with your friends and family. Keep calling, keep writing, and keep showing up. 

Thank you,
Dineen O’Rourke, Campaign Manager,
on behalf of the 350PDX Staff Collective

Photo Credits:
Top: Black Lives Matter D.C painted “Defund the Police” along 16th Street near the White House, which is visible by satellite.¬†(Doug Mills, NYT)
Bottom: Protestors in Portland marching down 84 yesterday. (Beth Nakamura, The Oregonian)

Take action now to support Black lives

Black. Lives. Matter. 

The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and far, far, far too many more are the latest unconscionable acts of violence against Black people in this country. We live in a country where harms large and small, frustrating to fatal, have been repeated for hundreds of years in more ways than can be counted, but that are felt by Black people every day of their lives.

350PDX condemns these brutal murders, and we demand that the police officers and murderers be held accountable and that severe, lasting, and bold police reform and defunding begin immediately.

Climate justice is racial justice. These crises are inextricably linked. Black people and Indigenous people in America have been living under crisis and emergency for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years. As environmental justice advocates have emphasized for decades, racism is imbued in the business model of the fossil fuel industry ‚Äď there is always a ‚Äúsacrifice zone,‚ÄĚ usually a Black and Brown and lower-class community deemed unworthy of protection from pollution and economic disinvestment. Many of the same communities overrun by coal, oil, and gas extraction and pollution are also facing health disparities (and reflected in higher COVID-19 cases and deaths) and racist violence from police and civilians. This is a despicable injustice.

Honor and make space for Black people to grieve and express very, very legitimate rage. Be an active supporter and acknowledge the ongoing trauma Black people face everyday. This is a lifelong journey. More than just in this moment, adopt anti-racism as a lived value that you bring into every space throughout your life. Question yourself, and question who is centered and benefits from any work that you do or relationships you hold.

350PDX is committed to supporting the Black activists, communities, friends and family members who are threatened and grieving, today and every day, in the best way we can. We are committed to learning and engaging continuously, and we hope you will join us on this journey. Here are some actions we encourage you to take in this moment and always:

    • Support the Movement 4 Black Lives: National Week of Action¬†In Defense of Black Life, all this week.
    • Call and email Mayor Wheeler demanding that the City¬†demilitarize and defund the Portland Police Bureau, and to¬†keep the National Guard out of our community.
      • 503-823-4127,¬†
      • The Portland Police Bureau contract is expiring in the next year.¬†We must keep pushing¬†Mayor Wheeler and the City for demilitarization of the PPB, civilian oversight with actual ability to impact the PPB, and defunding their overall budget. For more information and talking points, please refer to¬†this Police Reform Network letter from Unite Oregon, signed by 350PDX as members of the Portland Metro People’s Coalition at the end of last year.
    • Call Governor Kate Brown to¬†demand she convene a special short legislative session right now to tackle both the COVID-19 crisis, as well as police accountability, reforms, and directly supporting Oregon’s communities of color.
      • 503-378-4582
      • For example, in the words of Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, “The Officer‚Äôs Bill of Rights is the state law that protects police officers engaged in misconduct. If you‚Äôre wondering how to impact a system where police officers¬†avoid reprimand,¬†we must demand our State Legislators and Governor change this on the state level. In addition to responding to the COVID-19 crisis, the Governor should make police accountability and support for Oregon‚Äôs communities of color a priority that the state must act on now.”

Let this moment hurt‚Ā†‚ÄĒit should. And let’s take care of each other and our community through our action, so that some of that hurt can stop.¬†Let us wake up each morning more committed than ever to the fight to dismantle white supremacy, against police violence, and to build a world and society that values human life and dignity above all else.

In commitment and solidarity,
The 350PDX Team

Photos – protesters in downtown Portland last night. (Dave Killen, The Oregonian)

Join the 350PDX Board!

Join the 350PDX Board!

  • Ever wanted to sit on the board of an environmental nonprofit?¬†
  • Do you enjoy building community with like minded individuals?¬†
  • Interested in building transparent, just and accountable systems?
  • Want to participate in creating a culture of climate resiliency, optimism, and empowerment?¬†

350PDX is recruiting new board members! And, if you answered yes to any of these questions, that could be you!

We are a grassroots, climate justice organization that engages in direct action and heavy organizing to challenge fossil fuel development.  We are part of the Portland Clean Energy Initiative Coalition, and are fighting for an Oregon Green New Deal. We have begun implementing a three year JEDI Plan, and will soon start our strategic planning stage for 2021-2023. 

Our organization is currently in a period of transition. We recently went from a more traditional organizational chart to a staff collective with 6 staff and 8 board members. There is no ED and decisions are made via a democratic process from all staff.

We are especially looking for folks w/ skills in financial management and accounting for nonprofits, fundraising, and staff-led collectives, and those with diverse experiences.  We are also seeking those who have experience w/ JEDI, environmental and climate policy, organizing, and/or legal expertise. Ideally having 5 -15+ hrs a month to commit. 

If you are interested email Jamie Pang, and Anais Tuepker at, w/ your resume and a short blurb on why you are interested and a little bit about yourself and why you may be a good fit. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and share with folks who may be interested! We look forward to hearing from you! 

Accessibility Committee: Volunteer Opportunity

Accessibility Committee: Volunteer Opportunity

If you would like accommodations in order to access the following volunteer position description please contact Anissa or 971-377-4882. 


Accessibility and inclusivity for the 350PDX community (volunteers, staff, and board members) has not been an organizational priority in the past. As part of our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Plan, 350PDX intends to begin to shift away from this history in order to provide a more accessible organizing community for people with disabilities and people who have a primary language other than English.

The goals of the Accessibility Committee is to form and shape an Accessibility Policy and/or Accessibility Plan for 350PDX to launch in 2021. This policy will be reviewed and approved by the JEDI Team, before being approved by the volunteer-led Leadership Council and then the Board. Time and day of meetings will be set through a doodle poll before the first committee meeting.

To Apply:

Please send 1-3 paragraphs about your interest, your identity, and any questions you may have about this opportunity to Anissa at If you have a resume or a cover letter, that would be great to see as well!

Commitment Timeline: March 2020 – October 2020, possibly extending into December, 2020 if necessary

Hours per week: 3-5 hours per month. If you are a working person, we are willing to talk about your schedule to make it work for you!

Number of positions available: 5 – 10

Primary duties include:

  • Attend monthly 1.5-hour meetings at 350PDX in person or via Google Hangouts or dial-in numbers
  • Collaborate with other committee members over email, phone, and text between meetings on creating an Accessibility Policy
  • Ask staff and JEDI volunteers for assistance as necessary
  • Build connections between 350PDX, disability. and immigrant communities as appropriate

Additional and possible duties or roles include:

  • Researching creative solutions to accessibility at 350PDX
  • Ensuring perspectives of person who identifies as disabled or living with a disability and individuals whose primary language is not English are represented at the Accessibility Committee, either through lived experiences or through direct consultation with those communities
  • Writing and editing the Accessibility Policy
  • Communicating with 350PDX volunteers, staff, and board about their ideas
  • Organizing files related to the Accessibility Committees on 350PDX‚Äôs Google Drive
  • Setting agendas for Accessibility Committee meetings
  • Facilitating Accessibility Committee meetings
  • Additional duties based on the needs of the Accessibility Committee!

Priority Qualifications

  • Experience in accessibility solutions to ensure disability justice and eliminate xenophobia
  • Experience in collaboration, facilitation, and working with others in community organizing settings
  • Experience in multicultural, multigenerational organizing spaces

Preferred Qualifications

  • Interest in growing understanding of accessibility from many different perspectives
  • Lived experience as a person whose primary language is not English or a person who identifies as disabled or living with a disability
  • Experience in writing organizational policies for nonprofits

Training Opportunities

  • Training during first meeting on JEDI principles in relationship to the climate crisis
  • Ongoing support from 350PDX staff and JEDI Team
  • Share information about upcoming opportunities for community trainings on accessibility

Location: Central Lutheran Church, 1820 NE 21st Avenue, 350PDX offices

Do you have any questions about this opportunity? 

Please reach out to Anissa at Thank you for your interest, and no question is a bad question!

Saving our forests

The forests of western Oregon have global significance in the climate crisis. These forests are among the most carbon rich on the planet, and have the potential to remove incredible amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

However, recent research shows that Oregon’s logging industry emits more carbon into our atmosphere than any other sector. More than our transportation, our electricity, our heating, the food we eat, the stuff we buy. This is shocking.

What should be our greatest tool in sucking carbon from the air has been turned into the biggest source of climate pollution. It’s unacceptable.

That’s why we’re starting a 350PDX Forest Defense team.

But, it costs around $1000 to get a new team off the ground and funded for a full year.

Can you chip in today?

Gigantic international timber corporations have taken control of our forest sector, focusing exclusively on maximizing profits and destroying ecosystems, water supplies, and our climate along the way. And through mechanization it has destroyed jobs for tens of thousands of Oregonians.

By ending clearcutting and reintroducing traditional sustainable forest management, we can revitalize rural communities, create good jobs, and suck in colossal quantities of carbon, storing it safely in healthy, resilient forests.

Have you ever traveled to the coast, or any rural place outside Portland, and seen the utter destruction of a clearcut? Or the straight silent rows of a monoculture tree farm? Have you read this year’s National Book Award winner “The Overstory” and felt the pain of hauntingly beautiful ancient trees reduced to popsicle sticks, newspapers, and sawdust?

This team needs your support. Each campaign team needs a budget of at least $1,000 per year to spend on actions, campaigns and meetings. This new team also needs support getting off the ground, getting trained up on campaign tactics and strategy, and getting out to the forest.

Can support 350PDX and help us get this team started?

All donations through the Patagonia website are being DOUBLED for the next few days only! $10 becomes $20. $5,000 becomes $10,000!

Double your year-end gift today

Thank you so much,

Chris, 350PDX Volunteer & Communications Coordinator
Felice, Leah & Leslie, 350PDX Forest Defense Team Co-Coordinators

P.S. — Want to join this team? Let know! We’ll start meeting early in the new year.