Art Team – April 2018 Update

350PDX Art Team is between projects, waiting for the PCEF campaign to announce what sort of material design is needed for that action. In the meantime, we are experimenting with large puppet making using paper mâché. On Saturday, April 28th we will have a small Team workshop, lunch, and meeting to hone our skills in order to present and facilitate a larger workshop for many people to attend later. Read more

Come to the 5th Annual Lefty Sing-Along: Resist! Songs of Unity, Hope & Change!

Resist: Songs of Unity, Hope & Change

Join us at the 5th Annual Lefty Sing-Along on Saturday, June 16th at 6:30 p.m. at Central Lutheran Church.

This is a fundraiser for 350PDX and Congregation P’nai Or. We’ll be featuring songs written by Bob Dylan, Malvina Reynolds, Phil Ochs, Holly Near, Pete Seeger, and other singer/songwriters. The P’nai Or House Band will lead the singing. This will be fun opportunity to sing, dance, and celebrate each other in the fight for climate and social justice.  Read more

The Reluctant Radical – A Journey of Climate Activism

The Reluctant Radical, a new film about local climate activist Ken Ward, is having its Portland premier at the EcoFilm Festival at the Hollywood Theatre on Saturday, April 21st at 7:30pm. Co-sponsored by 350PDX, it explores the complexity of a life dedicated to activism, including the personal costs and questions that can arise when one is trying everything they can to stop the destruction of the planet. Portland filmmaker Lindsey Grayzel and co-producer Deia Schlosberg will attend and do a Q&A session after the film. Pre-film music by the Road Sodas, and an after party at Columbia River Brewing are also planned.

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Update on the Clean Energy Jobs Bill (April 2018)

Please join us for our next meeting of the State Legislation Team to build on our successful strategy to ensure all Portland area legislators are climate champions. We will meet Tuesday, April 24 from 7 – 9pm (gathering and socializing starts at 6:30) at the Central Lutheran Church, 1820 NE 21st Ave, in the Fellowship Hall. If you haven’t been involved in the past, please join us now to help move the Clean Energy Jobs bill over the finish line! Read more

Portland Ballot Initiative Officially Filed!

The Portland ballot measure you’ve heard so much about has officially been filed!

350PDX and our partners have been working for over two years on a Portland Ballot Initiative to promote green jobs and homes that internally has been known as PJET (Portland Just Energy Transition). We are pleased to be working alongside Portland’s NAACP chapter, Verde, the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA), APANO, and Oregon Sierra Club. As of late January, the Initiative has been filed with the city and the official ballot title will be confirmed by early March!

Press here for the complete Initiative Read more

350PDX Seeks Board of Directors Applicants

Join us as we fight for climate justice and a sustainable future – right here in Portland.

350PDX believes the climate crisis and racial and economic injustices share the same root causes, and so we can only effectively address the climate crisis by building a diverse grassroots movement that fights for justice-based solutions. As such, 350PDX works alongside frontline communities to tackle the climate threat head-on.

To help guide our rapidly growing and evolving organization, we are currently seeking candidates with diverse lived-experiences and talents to join our Board of Directors. Read more

The Changing Face of the 350PDX Board

2017 has been a busy year for the 350PDX Board. Luckily, leaders from the non-profit, small-business, and accounting sectors stepped up to help the organization tackle some big projects that happen behind the scenes. Since December 2016, we welcomed four new board members, said goodbye to two, and as 2017 draws to a close we are ramping up recruitment to add more next year.

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350PDX Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams is a new project to write about the wildest, most far-reaching positive future scenarios we can imagine.

This is a challenge to pick up your pen and paper, or dust off your chunky home computer, and have some fun. What is the news article you want to read tomorrow morning that heralds the most unbelievably positive climate news? What headlines would make your heart sing with joy? What can you see while sitting on your back stoop–after all of our hard work in climate justice has paid off? Read more

Oregon’s First Cooperative Solar Project Completed

View of solar at Mazama Mountaineering Center

The Divestment/Reinvestment Team has an announcement about one of the Reinvestment options they’ve found: A community-owned solar installation!

The Oregon Clean Power Cooperative, together with the Mazamas and local solar installer Elemental Energy, will celebrate the completion of the Co-op’s first solar project on July 11 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. at the Mazama Mountaineering Center (MMC), 527 SE 43rd Avenue, Portland. Solar panels installed by Elemental Energy now cover three sides of the roof of the MMC and are expected to produce half of its electrical needs.

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The Climate Odyssey- a new offering to support community resilience

The work for climate justice, and indeed for all forms of justice, is an ongoing journey, and includes many adventures, triumphs, obstacles, and losses. The increasing knowledge about the consequences of climate chaos and other environmental crises of the day takes a toll on our hearts and minds which can lead to overwhelm, despair, grief, and a sense of hopelessness about the future. In order to grow a strong and diverse climate justice movement, these concerns of the heart and spirit need to be addressed, and are a natural part of movement building.

Traditional organizing can have a high rate of intensity and burnout, and many caring people may be reluctant to enter into the fray for a variety of reasons, including time capacity, skills, and the overwhelm of the endless and daunting work ahead.

The Climate Odyssey program addresses these issues by offering experiences, events, and perspectives that acknowledge the complicated and emotionally challenging parts of our work of climate justice. In so doing, it offers support for those already engaged in the work, and opens doors of possibility to those who are not yet active in the movement. The program also aims to grow capacity for effectiveness and ongoing community building and solidarity. Read more