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This morning, the Red House on Mississippi was raided by the Portland Police Bureau. The house has been the site of a months-long protest against the eviction and displacement of the Afro-Indigenous family, the Kinneys, who have lived there for 22 years. This morning, riot cops fenced off the property, arrested two family members and over a dozen supporters, and damaged the house and the Kinney family’s belongings.

Red House has been a safe haven for the Portland protests since August, providing shelter, mutual aid, art, food and medical supplies, and community events for protestors and other community members in need. No one should be forced from their home, especially in a pandemic, in the harsh winter, on stolen land. This community shouldn’t lose yet another home and community space to gentrification.

We’re asking you to stand with the Red House and support their efforts to protect the space. Here’s how you can help:

  • If you’re able, grab your protective gear and head to the location at 4406 N Mississippi Avenue. Be aware that police are likely to return to Red House today and check out our tips for protesting safely.
  • Call your public officials and tell them to act now to stop the foreclosure and eviction at Red House and to drop charges against the arrested land defenders. You can reach them here:
    • Ted Wheeler: 503-823-4120
    • Kate Brown: 503-378-4582
    • Multnomah County Sheriff: 503-988-4300
    • Portland Housing Bureau: 503-823-2375
    • District Attorney Schmidt: 503-988-3162
  • Call the Oregon Historical Society. The Kinney family is asking folks to call the OHS and advocate for their house to receive demolition protections on the grounds of its significance. You can reach the Oregon Historical Society at (503) 222-1741 or
  • Contribute funds or supplies.
    • Follow @redhouseonmississippi on Instagram for updated news and supply needs. Food, medical supplies, and warm clothes are almost always welcome!).
    • You can contribute to the Kinney’s GoFundMe at, or donate directly on Cashapp ($MichaelKinney58) or Venmo (@Michael-Kinney-58).
    • You can donate to the bail fund supporting this morning’s arrestees on Venmo (@DefenseFundPDX) or Paypal (

Thank you! And in solidarity,


Election – What Now?

The ‘red mirage’ and ‘blue shift’ scenario that we talked about in our election plan where we wouldn’t know full results on election night seems to have come true, which means ensuring that every vote is counted is our nation’s greatest priority right now.

As we hold our breath, take a moment to center yourself in a vision of a just world, the world we will continue to create after this election, no matter what.

Trump’s premature declaration of victory last night was a signal to his supporters –  members of the media, government officials, and the public – that he needs their collaboration to attempt a coup. This moved the needle closer to an attempted coup, but the good news is that we’re not in coup territory yet.

If those supporters decide to support the president and move to stop counting votes then an immediate massive response will be necessary to preserve our democracy and make sure every vote is counted.

National and local coalitions that we’re a part of are monitoring the situation closely to determine if and when a massive mobilization is called for. The trigger point for this could be: the GOP or media saying that vote counting should stop; a Supreme Court challenge stopping or threatening to stop vote counting; or perhaps a Trump reaction if Biden declares victory.

As things stand, the local Defend Democracy coalition march is happening today, but it may be in the coming days after one of the above triggers that all hands on deck sustained mobilizations will be needed.

We’ll keep you updated of developments and what that means here for local action, so watch this space! Together we will make sure every vote is counted and the result of this election is respected.

Electoral Justice is Racial Justice
Today Wed Nov 4, 3PM
Revolution Hall, March to Waterfront

Be Prepared – Upcoming Online Trainings

Nov 4 | 4:00 – 6:00 PM PT | Know Your Rights and De-escalation 2.0 | Register HERE

Hosted by Count Every Vote, Beautiful Trouble and ACLU. This training is for folks who will be showing up to demonstrations, and want to upskill their de-escalation skillset through the ABC’s of de-escalation response. The second part of this training will focus on how to be thoughtful and creative about actions taken at protests, as well as actions that help keep events safe and calm. Finally, this training will also include a segment on Know Your Rights.

Nov 5 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PT | Media and Messaging Training for Faith Leaders | Register HERE

Nov 5 | 4:00 – 6:00 PM PT | Know Your Rights and De-escalation 2.0 | Register HERE

Hosted by Count Every Vote, Beautiful Trouble and ACLU. This training is for folks who will be showing up to demonstrations, and want to upskill their de-escalation skillset through the ABC’s of de-escalation response. The second part of this training will focus on how to be thoughtful and creative about actions taken at protests, as well as actions that help keep events safe and calm. Finally, this training will also include a segment on Know Your Rights.

Nov 6 | 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM PT | Nonviolent Civil Action and De-escalation for People of Faith | Register HERE

Things To Celebrate

With so much information and uncertainty to absorb nationally, it’s good to take a moment to breathe in what we won here locally.

350PDX is recruiting new board members

Do you believe environmental policies and practices should center the needs of those hit first and worst by climate chaos?

Do you believe in a climate future grounded in racial equity?

Interested in building transparent, just and accountable systems?

Want to participate in creating a culture of climate resiliency, optimism, and anti-racism?

350PDX is recruiting new board members! And, if you answered yes to any of these questions, that could be you!

We are a grassroots, climate justice organization that engages in direct action and organizing to challenge fossil fuel development. We are part of the Portland Clean Energy Initiative Coalition, and are fighting for an Oregon Green New Deal. We have begun implementing a three year Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Plan, and we are in the midst of 2021-2023 strategic planning.

Our organization is currently in a period of transition. We have a staff collective with 6 staff and 8 board members. There is no Executive Director and operational decisions are made by all staff via a democratic process from all staff.

We are especially looking for folks with skills in financial management and accounting for nonprofits, fundraising, and staff-led collectives, and those with diverse life experiences. We are also seeking those who have experience with JEDI, environmental and climate policy, organizing, and/or legal expertise. Ideally, board members have 10-15 hours a month to commit. In alignment with our desire to remove barriers to board participation, stipends may be available for low-income Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

If you want to learn more, please email Jamie Pang ( and Anais Tuepker (, telling us a little about yourself and why you’re interested to join the board. We’ll ask for your resume and for answers to our board application questions. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with no set deadline right now. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and share with folks who may be interested! We look forward to hearing from you!

Download and share our flyer here!

Download (PDF, 726KB)

Sandy retires from the Board

Those you who were on this list in the Spring probably already know I turned 80 in May. It was a milestone I met with pleasure and surprise–I hadn’t expected to see it–and I do feel it.

The previous November, my term on the 350PDX board ended. We don’t have a limit on the number of terms one can serve but I was ready to leave the responsibilities to other, younger folks. And six years seemed enough. There was a problem though, only six others were continuing and four of them had joined between one and six months earlier. I felt obligated to stay on awhile till they were on more solid ground so I accepted another 3-year term.

To my delight that situation has changed! We added two more great new members and, ten months later, the ones who were newbies last year are no longer. The board is both significantly younger and ethnically and racially diverse–with my departure 50% BIPOC! (We had recognized this deficiency from the board’s birth in 2014 and I am so proud we have figured out the path to get there).

So at the last board meeting, I resigned. In plenty of time for some outreach before the November annual meeting where the next election will take place. (Maybe you’d like to like to run? Info here)

I joined this endeavor called 350PDX in May 2013 when we all fit around a kitchen table and our resources consisted of ourselves and an envelope containing $52 in cash.

In June of that year, a team of us met with Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz to ask her to commit to supporting City divestment from fossil fuels. She agreed. I’ve been on what is now called the Defund/Divest Team ever since.

A month later in July, I had the pleasure of escorting Bill McKibben to City Hall for a meeting to discuss the climate crisis, fossil fuel divestment and the need to ‘keep it in the ground’ with then-Mayor Charlie Hales and other influentials.

I remember the day we took that envelope into a credit union and opened a checking account, but more important, in my eyes, was the day a friend told me about a lawyer who might agree to help us get our tax-exempt status. Michael Millender, at Tokon Torp, said yes and by Labor Day 2014, just in time for the Peoples’ Climate March, we had our 501(c)(3). Tokon Torp has remained our pro bono lawyers ever since, always there for us when we need legal advise.

It’s been quite a ride from that day around a kitchen table seven and a half years ago to an organization with six staff members and a three-room office, hundreds of activists and thousands on its email list, clout with the City of Portland and other governmental entities, as well as a seat at the table of a diverse group of coalitions, and a successful ballot measure
under its belt. I’m very grateful to have been on board.

If you’d like to honor my years with 350PDX, an extra donation would be the way I would hear your thanks the loudest.

Our election plan

Our democracy hangs in the balance. We are in a presidential election in which the incumbent candidate has threatened to take power by force, by not counting all votes and/or ignoring the vote if he loses.

But within this frightening prospect there is some good news. Most coups are a surprise, a sudden overnight power grab. It’s rare that a president announces that they’re thinking about doing a coup in a few weeks. This means we’ve had time to react, and prepare.

For the past month we’ve been a core part of a growing local coalition, as well as being connected to national level conversations, that is preparing for various scenarios that might play out in November.

Here’s what you can do to be ready for this election:

1. Understand the situation

– Don’t expect results on election night. With so many people using mail-in ballots it is very likely that millions of votes will not be counted for days or even weeks after November 3. Data suggests that Democratic voters are significantly more likely to use mail-in ballots than Republican voters, so it is expected that the preliminary results on election night will skew heavily Republican. As more votes are counted over the coming days the results could shift. This unusual delay could call the legitimacy of the election into question. During this time expect false flags and outlandish claims. Be very cautious with news. Don’t simply pass on whatever seems dramatic examples of wrongdoing — but take the time to check if it has been verified, already debunked, or from a source you don’t trust. Encourage people in your community to prepare for some uncertain weeks.

– Do call it a coup. There is a high likelihood that there will be attempts to stop the counting of ballots, through lawsuits, divergent media narratives, and elected officials attempting to take actions – including illegal actions. We can know this is a coup if the government stops counting votes; declares someone a winner who didn’t get the most votes; or allows someone to stay in power who didn’t win the election. If any of those three principles are violated, we have to declare loudly and strongly: this is a coup.

– Know that coups have been stopped by regular folks. Coup attempts have happened all over the world, and over half have failed. That’s because coups are hard to orchestrate. Because they are a violation of norms, they require quick seizure of multiple levels of institutions with a claim that they are the rightful heir. Coups tend to fail when government institutions (like elections) are trusted, there is an active citizenry, and other nations are ready to become involved. The role of citizenry is crucial. That’s because during the period right after a coup attempt— when the new government is claiming it is the “real” government — all the institutions have to decide who to listen to.

– We will refuse to accept election results until all the votes are counted. Every vote being counted is a cornerstone of our democracy. Any attempts to stop counting votes must be met with resistance – see more on that below.

Read more in the Transition Integrity Project or on Choose Democracy.

2. Vote early, encourage others to vote early, and Get Out The Vote

The best way to stop a coup is to never have one. People are doing lots of good work on issues of voting rights, urging turn-out, stopping repression, uncovering fraud, and getting people to commit to democracy. That may be enough. And you can be one of those people!

– Vote early – Voting as early as possible allows your vote to be counted on election night, reducing the confusion, and therefore reducing the opportunity to use that confusion for a power grab.

– Encourage others to vote early – reach out to anyone you know encouraging them to get their ballots in as soon as possible. See more info on different state voter timelines here.

– Get Out The Vote – For the past 3 months we’ve been calling and texting folks around the country to help them register to vote, understand their vote-by-mail system, and encouraging folks to vote. You can join our team working on this here.

3. Get prepared

There are lots of trainings and events in the run-up to election that will help you be more prepared:

  • Mon Oct 26, 6:00PM – 350PDX General Meeting – Preparing for the Election – Register here
  • Almost every day – National Workshop – How to Beat an Election-Related Power Grab – Info here
  • Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, 4:30PM – Election Defenders! Training Series – Register here
  • Sun Oct 25, 9:00AM – 12:30PM – United States Election Protection: Active Bystander Intervention and Nonviolent Communications Application – Register here
  • Sun Oct 25, 6:30PM – Basic Peace Team Training: Keeping Nonviolent Discipline – Register here
  • Sat Oct 31, 7:00 – 9:00PM & 10:00AM – 12:00PM (full training is both segments) – Unarmed Civilian Protection and Accompaniment Training – Register here
  • Sun Nov 1, 3:00PM – Deescalation Training – (email Tom Hastings for link:
  • Mon Nov 2, 6:00PM  – Nonviolence & Election Protection – Register here

Further resources

Start reaching out to your neighbors

Be two weeks ready – stock up not just for yourself, but for your neighbors

  • Anything you can do right now is better than nothing, and if we sail through this situation, plenty of our neighbors can benefit from extra food security resources.
  • Information on how to select and store emergency food and water is available here:
  • If it turns out we didn’t need to do this, then at least we’re earthquake ready / can give some of these supplies to folks in need right now.

More trainings and resources available here at the bottom of the page. If you know of other useful trainings please share them with and we will pass them on.

4. Be ready to act quickly – and not alone

We will nonviolently take to the streets if a coup is attempted. We must protect the integrity of the democratic process.

A group of DC insiders called the Transition Integrity Project ran multiple simulations on Trump attempting to hold onto power no matter what. In every simulation they concluded that a “show of numbers in the streets may be decisive.” Regular people make the difference.

Coups are not a time to just watch and wait until “someone else” figures it out. No matter who you are you can be part of choosing democracy. Coups win by people freezing in the confusion, or just going along with what is happening. 

Even when only a few people go along with the coup and act as though that’s normal, people may reluctantly accept it as inevitable. In all the research on preventing coups, there’s one common theme: people stop doing what the coup plotters tell them to do.

To start preparing, talk to at least 5 people who would go into the streets with you — the safest way to take to the streets is with people you know and trust. Talk to people you know in civil service and various roles about how they could non-comply with coup attempts. Use this time to get yourself ready to act.

Because a lot will depend on which scenario plays out, and also the nature of direct action, the place, time, and nature of mass mobilizations may not be known until days or even hours before. We will share post-election actions, strikes, and mobilizations on this email list and will also post them prominently on the website.

We’ll also be sending out more actions you can take ahead of time early next week.

You can also join our 350PDX Signal chat (an encrypted text messaging app) to be connected to more of the actions happening on the ground that are less publicly advertised. Email to be added to that.


Center in calm, not fear. All this information may be overwhelming. It’s scary to believe we’re having to talk about a federal coup in the United States.

And we know that fearful people are less likely to make good decisions. Let’s aim for calm and avoid hyperbole. Be a reliable source by double-checking rumors and spreading high-quality facts. Sure, read social media… but spend some time, you know, doing real things that ground you.

Breathe deeply.

Remember how you handle fear.

Play out scenarios, but don’t become captured by them.

We’re doing this to prepare, just in case.


Feel free to forward this email to anyone who you think would be interested, and ask them to sign up to our email list.

Thanks, and in solidarity,

Ashley, Chris, Chuck, Dineen, Indi, & Lucy – The 350PDX Staff

We’re suing the Feds for their use of chemical weapons in Portland

For 125 days anti-racist Black Lives Matter protests have been taking to the streets here in Portland demanding racial justice. These protests have been met with some of the most repressive measures by local police and federal agents in recent history.

Protesters have regularly been subject to massive, indiscriminate deployments of teargas, pepper spray, and other chemical munitions including toxic smoke grenades linked to cancer and kidney and liver damage. With no regard for health or safety, the federal government blatantly violated federal environmental law when it flooded Portland and the surrounding communities with an unprecedented amount of dangerous chemical weapons.

A broad coalition of environmental justice and civil rights advocates, including 350PDX, have filed a legal challenge against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today. The lawsuit cites the federal agency’s failure to analyze the potentially severe human health and environmental impacts before deploying chemical munitions against anti-racist protesters in Portland as required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). We seek a court order forcing the DHS to halt their use of chemical munitions, including tear gas, until the DHS performs a thorough analysis of the health and environmental impacts of these chemicals, and makes this information available to the public. Read more here.

The broad coalition of environmental justice and public health organizations includes Neighbors for Clean Air, Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides, Cascadia Wildlands, 350PDX and Willamette Riverkeeper, and we are represented by the attorneys from ACLU of Oregon, Cascadia Wildlands, Willamette Riverkeeper and Markowitz Herbold.

350PDX has decided to get involved in this lawsuit for several reasons.

– We can’t have climate justice without racial justice. We will use every tool we have available to protect those fighting for Black lives and liberation.

 Protecting the right to protest. We believe in people power, and street protest is one of our best tools to bring about transformative change. In the coming months and years we will need protest more than ever, and we need to take a stand now to affirm that protesting is not terrorism, but is a right that needs protecting.

– Everyone has a right to know what the feds have been doing to protesters and to public and environmental health. The media backlash against the protests has relentlessly mischaracterized the protests as violent riots. The public deserves to know that the vast majority of the violence and escalation has come from law enforcement, including DHS’s chemical warfare. The public has a right to know the risks DHS has been taking with our health and environment in order to put down the protests for Black lives.

“We came out here dressed in T-shirts, using hula hoops and stuff — they started gassing us,” he said. “So we came back with respirators — they started shooting us. So we came back with vests — they started aiming for the head. So we started wearing helmets. And now they call us terrorists. Who’s escalating this? It’s not us.” – Mac Smiff, prominent Black activist in Portland

Our 350PDX Coalition Manager, Indi Namkoong, said:

“I’ve been on the ground facing tear gas and police brutality for months because racial justice and climate justice are faces of the same struggle for a just and livable future, one that as a young person of color I expect to be in all my life. The price of justice shouldn’t be further harm to public health and to the Black, Indigenous, and other people of color who are already out here fighting for their lives. Everyone has a right to know the impacts of the toxic chemicals we’re being subjected to by our government.”

What you can do

  • Share our social media posts (FacebookTwitterInstagram) to get the word out and raise the temperature on this lawsuit.
  • Have you been impacted from exposure to chemical munitions? Let know as it may be useful to hear and share more accounts of the impacts on local people.

Thank you,

Ashley, Chris, Chuck, Dineen, Indi, & Lucy – the 350PDX Staff


Do you think we do good work? Consider helping us through this tumultuous year by becoming a sustaining donor! Monthly donations help us remain stable so we can focus more on fighting for our campaigns, and also allow us to act quickly when new needs arise, like the pandemic, the wildfires, and the Black Lives Matter uprising.

The DEQ and Climate Need Our Help!

The DEQ and Climate Need Our Help!

DEQ is currently receiving public testimony for the rulemaking of Executive Order 20-04. The DEQ has set three hearings for October and we need Climate conscious Oregonians to show up and, if you can, testify!

The Governors executive order directs state agencies to take actions to reduce and regulate greenhouse gas emissions. One major component of this progrram is a directive for the state Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to set up a new program to “cap and reduce” the climate-harming pollution released by Oregon’s largest polluters. By no longer allowing these major polluters (like oil companies, fossil gas companies, and industrial manufacturers) to spew unlimited amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, this new policy can help transition Oregon to cleaner ways of powering our economy and communities.

We need a large turn out for DEQ’s Town Hall meetings on October 1st, 8th and 14th.

  • Town Hall Option #1 – Thursday, October 1st, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Town Hall Option #2 – Thursday, October 8th, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Town Hall Option #3 – Wednesday, October 14th, 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Sign up for an Oregon Climate Action Plan Town Hall here!

Click here for talking points from our movement partners when giving testimony!

We need to act now with steep emission reductions. We won’t accept any delay because we are already far behind. We won’t accept any exclusions because every business and sector needs to share in the responsibility. And we know it’s a false narrative that clean technology isn’t available. Our values are for people and the natural world over profits

DEQ is also defining the composition of the cap-and-reduce policy committee. The proposed committee is too heavy on corporate influence and too light on frontline communities and climate organizations. We need to demand that DEQ tip the scale in a just direction by increasing the voices of frontline communities and organizations that represent the earth.

Click here to register to attend one or more of the Town Hall meetings here. You’ll receive information on how to participate in the Town Hall, as well as talking points for providing public comment. Please show up to the Town Hall to show DEQ the breadth of support for ambitious climate action now!

Stop the Plunder of the Philippines! Defend Cordillera!

Stop the Plunder of the Philippines! Defend Cordillera!

September 25, 2020

On this day of global climate action, ICHRP-US and 350PDX join in solidarity with the people of the Cordilleras in the fight against corporate plunder and attacks from President Duterte’s militarized government!

In a recent address to the United Nations, President Duterte boasted of the role of the Philippines in addressing the climate crisis vis a vis the Paris Climate Accord, as the Philippines is on the frontlines of increasing extreme weather events each year. Duterte’s remarks on the climate crisis serve as mere posturing, as Duterte has shown he will sell the abundance of natural resources in the Philippines and the ancestral lands of Indigenous people to multinational corporations for the sake of his own profit.

Included in Duterte’s selling of Philippine land is the Cordillera region. For a long time, multinational corporations and the Philipine military have ravaged the Cordilleras with destructive large-scale mining projects, dams, and other energy projects, which have resulted in devastating impacts on indigenous and the livelihood of small farmers. Indigenous peoples’ ancestral lands continue to be treated as a resource base for profit by the State and private corporations at the expense of their self-determination and human rights. Despite the Indigenous communities’ organized opposition against Chevron’s Kalinga Geothermal Project, Duterte has illegally forced this project through Executive Order 30 which threatens massive destruction of the Cordillera people’s land environment.

With the passage of Duterte’s Anti-Terror Law (ATL) in July 2020, the repressive and militarist rule of the Philippine government will only worsen the situation of Cordillera peoples and all land defenders in the Philippines. The ATL is a graveyard for activists and innocent civilians, and a serious threat to ancestral land and resources since it will pave the way for the full implementation of destructive projects like large-scale mining dams.

Despite documentation of state sanctioned violence, including the shooting of Chinese American Brandon Lee in August 2019, the US continues to enable these fascistic attacks by providing security assistance to the Duterte government. Since 2016, the US has given a total of 550 million dollars in military aid to the Philippines. The bullet that shot Brandon Lee and paralyzed him from the neck down, and the thousands of bullets that have murdered indigenous peoples fighting for their right to land and self-determination were paid for by US tax dollars.

As state fascism of the Duterte regime and development aggression intensifies amid COVID-19 global health crisis, the Filipino people have not relented in protection of the land and their communities. As environmental, land and climate defenders in the US it is our duty to unite in solidarity with land defenders in the Philippines in their struggle for self-determination and their right to land!

We call on the people of the US to support the Philippine Human Rights Act, and demand our legislators take a stand by suspending security assistance to the Philippines until such time as human rights violations by Philippine security forces cease and the responsible state forces are held accountable. Further, we demand foreign corporations like Chevron to withdraw from these destructive projects that continue without the consent of indigenous people.

Stop corporate plunder of the Philippines! Defend Cordillera! Support the Philippine Human Rights Act!

Endorse the Philippine Human Rights Act:
Join the to the global pact to Defend Cordillera:

Take Action for Forests and Climate

In the aftermath of Oregon’s historic wildfires, we need to defend Oregon’s forests from the claim that the way to reduce fires is widespread heavy logging. Read more about the topic in this letter we sent to Oregon legislators in November 2019. And then take action today!

1. Find your state legislators
– See who your state senator and state representative are, and find their mailing and email addresses here.

2. Write your letter
– Use the talking points below to craft your simple letter. It doesn’t need to be long, but it’s best if you speak from your personal experience and don’t simply copy and paste (as sometimes they’ll filter out or ignore form letters).

Talking Points

  • Share your story, empathize with impacted folks
  • Climate change will make fires more frequent and severe
  • Heavily logged landscapes burn hotter and faster
  • Any bills in response to these fires should focus on safety of residents and communities – emergency response system, retrofitting homes, defensible space around homes, and prescribed burns
  • NOT on backcountry thinning – it does not improve community safety and worsens climate change
  • Sign off with your name and address (to show you’re a constituent)

3. Send!

Email or mail your letter to you state legislators, and while you’re at it, send to Gov Kate Brown as well using her contact form.

Office of the Governor
900 Court Street, Suite 254
Salem, OR 97301-4047

Advice for showing up to protest

Advice for showing up to protest

*Note* This is advice specifically for attending protests that are likely to escalate with police violence, like many of the Black Lives Matter protests we’ve seen over the past months. We believe that protesting is a human right and should be accessible to all, and so should not require these precautions, however we also don’t want people to get themselves into a bad situation by showing up unprepared.

  • Mask up!
  • Wear a helmet
  • Bring lots of water
  • Bring a buddy, if you can
  • Memorize the two National Lawyers’ Guild hotlines, or write it on your body:
    — (971) 247-1072 if you’re *in* jail
    — (833) 680-1312 if you were released from jail, saw someone get arrested, a friend was arrested, experienced police brutality, or were directly contacted by law enforcement.
  • Don’t film other people’s faces. The cops love to retaliate.

(Lilith Sinclair has a much more thorough protest preparation guide that we highly recommend.)

See a few more resources about what to wear, what apps to use, etc. at this link here.

Video: Keeping Yourself Healthy & Safe at a Protest – Check out this recent recorded training from 350Seattle about Protest Safety — How to Keep Yourself and Your Comrades Safe in the Streets