Transportation Justice

Transportation is the source of 40% of Oregon’s carbon emissions, the largest source in the state. Transportation is the source of 29% of GHGe in the US, the largest share of emissions in the country. Transportation also sits squarely at the intersection of climate action and social justice. Frontline communities are impacted early, often, and deeply by intensifying weather events, have fewer financial resources to adapt, and are already underserved by safe, effective, and affordable transit options.

The 350PDX Transportation Justice team advocates for an urban environment in which the personal auto is obsolete. Rapid, frequent public transit connects affordable housing, jobs, and food sources. Compact development makes efficient use of land and supports walking and biking movement. We take the position that public money must fund public transit systems, safe bicycling and walking infrastructure, and prioritize communities of color, low-income communities, and transit-dependent communities.

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